Future For Nature Award 2019

Publish Date: Jul 29, 2019

Deadline: Sep 15, 2019


The Future For Nature Award is a prestigious international award that celebrates tangible achievements in protecting wild animal and plant species.

The Future For Nature Award aims to:

  • Reward and fund individuals for their outstanding efforts in the protection of species of wild animals and plants
  • Stimulate Award winners to sustain their dedicated work
  • Help winners to raise their profile, extend their professional network and strengthen their funding basis

The Award provides the winners international recognition, financial support and reinforced linkages to an international conservation network.

Application and Selection Process Future For Nature Award

Step 1: A call for candidates is published on the Future For Nature (FFN) website and Facebook page (July)

Step 2: After the deadline of submission (mid-September), the FFN Office sends all eligible applications to the National Selection Committee (NSC).

Step 3: The members of the NSC assess the applications of which 6 to 10 are selected using the following set of criteria:

  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Substantial and long term effect on species protection
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Determination to continue
  • Quality of the project proposal

Step 4: After approval by the Board the selected applicants are requested to provide further information (written information, photos, 5-minutes film, extended reference statements), which will be used to select the final three winners.

Step 5: All the information received from the nominees is sent to the International Selection Committee (ISC).

On the basis of the application material, each ISC member rates the candidates, using the following set of criteria and scores:

  • Contribution to species conservation
  • Personality and leadership
  • Added value of the Award
  • Quality of the project proposal

Note: ISC members also give a qualitative evaluation and are entitled to oppose the nomination of a specific candidate.

Step 6: Based on the results of the ISC the FFN Office ranks the candidates.

Step 7: The Board decides on the top three candidates being eligible as a winner of the Future For Nature Award. Subsequently, the Future For Nature Office will communicate to the Selection Committees and to all others concerned about the winners.

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