Heisenberg Programme 2019 for Early Career Researchers in all Disciplines, Germany


December 31, 2019



Opportunity Cover Image - Heisenberg Programme 2019 for Early Career Researchers in all Disciplines, Germany

Heisenberg Programme

If you already meet all the requirements for appointment to a permanent professorship, you can apply to the Heisenberg Programme. While you prepare for a future senior academic role, the DFG provides funding to enable you to carry on with high-quality research at the institution of your choice and continue building your academic reputation.

The Heisenberg Programme is directed primarily at those researchers who have qualified for professorship via the Emmy Noether Programme, leadership of a junior research group, DFG project staff positions, private-sector research or mid-level faculty positions. The target group also includes junior professors who have received positive evaluations, those who have achieved their habilitation or an equivalent qualification, and German researchers returning from abroad, as well as appropriately qualified foreign researchers looking to pursue careers in Germany.

Four types of funding are available within the Heisenberg Programme:

  • Heisenberg position
  • Heisenberg temporary substitute position for clinicians
  • Heisenberg professorship
  • Heisenberg fellowship

Once you have been accepted to the Heisenberg Programme, you can select between the four funding types or combine them during the five-year funding period.

The DFG would like to point out that during the review process, individual proposals must speak for themselves. Reference letters from third parties are not encouraged and, to ensure the equal treatment of all applicants, are not forwarded to reviewers or decision-making committees.

Information about the Programme


To enable outstanding researchers who meet all the requirements for appointment to a long-term professorship to prepare for a senior academic role while continuing their research work

Eligibility Requirements

Early career researchers in all disciplines who have qualified for a professorship by completing the habilitation or an equivalent qualification and who have a track record of outstanding research work

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