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Call for Proposals - Naming and Branding of the Business Incubator, Armenian Caritas BNGO

Publish Date: Mar 21, 2019

Deadline: Apr 07, 2019

Terms of Reference

for the Naming and Branding of the Business Incubator

within the framework of EU funded “Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population”    (IRIS) Programme


Naming and Branding for the EU IRIS Business Incubator


Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

The deadline to submit proposals


E-mail submission of technical proposals

Contact person

Narine Terzyan, Programme Manager, EU IRIS Business Incubator

Phone: +374 91 542 813

1. Programme background

“Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO (AC) and “SME Cooperation Association” NGO (SME) in consortium with Armenian Red Cross Society, the “Center for Coordination of Syrian Armenians’ Issues” NGO and led by the Austrian Red Cross (AutRC) are implementing the “Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population” (IRIS) programme funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the ‘Madad’ Fund.

The EU IRIS programme aims at improving social and economic resilience of Syrian Armenians and host population and strengthening institutional capacities for economic growth in Armenia. The action is coordinated by the AutRC.

In the framework of IRIS Economic Integration component a Business Incubator (BI) will be established in Yerevan that will support Syrian Armenian and local entrepreneurs through trainings, coaching, mentoring, incubation and financing for establishing new businesses. The BI will stimulate the culture of entrepreneurship and business environment in Armenia and will become a tool for sustainable development of future generations of start-ups.

2. The Business Incubator

The business incubator will be a new Armenian institution stimulating the culture of entrepreneurship and business environment in Armenia with a staff of professional trainers and coaches, becoming a tool for sustainable development of further generations of start-ups.   

The mission of the BI is to enhance economic integration of Syrian Armenian and Host population through raising the competitiveness of local economy by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Armenia.  

The vision of the BI is to become the national business incubation hub for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Armenia.

The main objective of the Business Incubator is to create and develop sustainable and competitive SMEs by providing full-scale support to local entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas into market. The main differentiating factor from other similar initiatives that have been implemented in the past is that BI will cover the full cycle of business development support consisting of Lead Generation, Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Post-Incubation phases, together with access to finance with grant and loan funds.

3. Scope of this assignment

The EU IRIS Programme is seeking the services of professional firm to design and develop name, brand and branding materials and guidelines for the Business Incubator mentioned in section 2 of this TOR. The name, logo and brand identity of the Business Incubator should be developed in close cooperation with the AC, SME, AutRC and BI Project Manager and all implementing partners. The final name and logo will have to be approved by the Steering Committee of the BI. The outcomes of this assignment should be in Armenian and English languages.

4. Key messages to be considered

The key messages should be developed around the overall concept of the Business Incubator and the benefits that it will create for the startups in SME sector and for the economy of Armenia in general. The visibility of funding agencies and implementing partners must be ensured.

In particular, the following should be considered when developing the branding:

 The visibility of funding agencies according to their respective rules and visibility  guidelines (EU Regional Trust Fund ‘MADAD’, Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross)

✓ The visibility of EU IRIS implementing partners (Armenian Caritas, Armenian Red Cross Society, Coordination Centre for Syrian Armenians’ Issues and SME Cooperation Association)

✓ Visibility Terms and Regulations of EU IRIS programme must be followed at all times

✓ Overall benefits for SMEs and startups:

  • Business development and advisory services, trainings and coaching
  • Reduced barriers to entry by leveraging available resources (access to facilities, access to quality expert advice, sustainable environment for knowledge transfer etc.)
  • Access to quality networking and mentoring
  • Alumni network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Access to finance
  • Increased visibility due to the positioning of the BI
  • Economic integration of Syrian Armenians, returnees and host population

✓ Overall benefits to the economy in general:

  • Promoting entrepreneurial spirit in the country by improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Enhanced image of the country as an innovative and progressive hub for SME support.
  • Private sector development in general.

5. Expected Outcomes

The following outcomes are expected to be delivered by the contracted agency:

✓ Name of the Business Incubator

- Propose a name for the Business Incubator which will take into account its mission, vision and considerations listed in section 3 above.

- The name should be unique and free of potential copyright risks

- The name should be “legible” in Armenian and English

✓ Brand identity development

- Organize a workshop with funding agencies and implementing partners to define the naming and branding strategy

- Develop at least 3 options for naming with possibility to revise twice

- Develop at least 3 options for motto/slogan with possibility to revise twice

- Develop at least 3 options for logo design with possibility to revise twice

- Organize at least two workshops with funding agencies and implementing partners to present and discuss the developed options

- Finalize the name and the logo design

  • File of the Logo should be:
    • In digital and professional formats for use
    • In colour and black & white
    • In full size as well as in small formats to easily use in social media
    • Vector files with ai and eps formats, as well as PDF vector format

✓ Brand identity visualisation

- Define colours

- Develop packaging and print design, including digital templates for the following items:

  • Logo as stated above
  • Business card template
  • Letterhead  
  • MS PowerPoint presentation template
  • Email signature
  • Banner/Roll-up
  • Stationery folder
  • Notepad
  • Pen/pencil
  • Flash drive
  • Leaflet (A4)
  • Factsheet (A4)
  • Flyer
  • Brochure/booklet
  • Other materials

All identities should be proposed at least in 3 options with possibility to be revised twice, at least two workshops should be organised with the funding agencies and implementing partners to understand the vision of the client as well as for revision of the made identities. Identities should be:

  • In digital and printable formats ready to use
  • In colour and black & white
  • Vector files with ai and eps formats, as well as PDF vector format

✓ Digital media template development in Armenian and English

- Propose user interface for the web site and agree with the client

- Design templates for social media (including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube)

✓ Develop brand guidelines clearly defining the brand usage regulations in Armenian and English. Provide training in correct usage of the logo etc. to staff

6. Application procedures

All interested parties are kindly invited to submit a technical proposal by April 7, 2019 to the following e-mail addresses:,, The proposals should include the following information:

  • Proposal description with the methodology, technical proposal, activities to be implemented and the workplan

  • Timelines (not exceeding 2 months)

  • Budget

  • Portfolio of previous works

  • Copy of the state registration certificate of the applicant company (in case of consortium - the member organizations)

  • Description of the background of the applicant.

Budget  should be presented in AMD.

Only the European Union represented by the European Commission has right to approve the final outcomes of the current call.

We are grateful to all interested applicants; however please note that only shortlisted

candidates will be contacted.


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