Barn Arts Residency Program 2019, USA

Publish Date: Feb 05, 2019

Deadline: Feb 15, 2019

The Barn Arts Residency Program

The Barn Arts Residency Program is designed to build creative opportunities for passionate people in a beautiful place.  Artists from all over the country come to develop new works of performance in a pastoral and supportive environment. Teams of artists live, work, eat and plan together, creating a temporary creative community and supporting one another in their individual and collective goals.  

The Hamilton Project is the hallmark Barn Arts Residency, now in its 11th year. Ten artists come together to work on ten projects over the course of ten days. Artists apply individually, with a piece to develop and come prepared to support progress on the work of each of the artists assembled for the residency.

All other Barn Arts Residencies are designed for teams of artists or ensembles to spend time together developing a piece in Maine. Barn Arts often hosts several Residencies at the same time, with teams of artists in residence, sharing meals, space, and accommodations.

Beginning in 2019, every Barn Arts Residency will include a partnership with a local organization,

connecting visiting artists with community members through creative and educational programs.

Residency Partners

Beginning in 2019, every Barn Arts Residency will connect visiting artists with local organizations through Residency Partnerships.  Residencies will run throughout the year and will be designed to integrate the work and experiences of the artists with cultural life on MDI.   

Barn Arts Resident Artists apply to the program with a project to be developed in Maine through research, writing, rehearsals, performances, and events. Resident Artists work on the island for a week and stay in housing donated by community members. At the end of each residency, Barn Arts produces a culminating event, which is offered to the public by donation and invites the community to share in the work that the residency has made possible.

A Residency Partnership is a way for these artists to collaborate with members of our local community. Organizations on and around MDI are invited to partner with Barn Arts by working directly with Resident Artists to make the arts a larger part of their programming.

Every Residency Partnership will be custom-fit for the artists in residence and the local organization with whom they’re working.  Programming could include a performance - a presentation, reading, screening, concert, or another type of event at the Barn or a venue hosted by the Residency Partner. A Residency Partnership could also be rooted in a stage of development for the artists that are less performative and take the form of research, interviews, workshops, community conversations, and other types of local exploration.  

Residency Partnerships could also be focused on educational and professional development opportunities with programming initiatives including workshops, master classes, lectures, or other events based on sharing knowledge and ideas.

A Residency Partnership could coincide with an existing program that the partner organization is looking to expand, or it could be an opportunity to develop a new initiative, or it could simply be a way to invite visiting artists to engage with the community members that the partner serves.

Interview: The Barn Arts Residency Committee selects a number of applicants for interviews, which are done in person and remotely. Barn Arts will award residencies from this pool to create a diverse Residency Season that furthers the mission of the organization.

Travel: Resident Artists get to Maine by bus, plane, or car. Barn Arts can help with travel plans and provides a $100 reimbursement for travel expenses.

Stay: Accommodations are free, in the house next to the Barn, which has 10 beds.

Eat: A welcome dinner is provided by Barn Arts, all other food is the responsibility of the artist.  There is a garden on the property with seasonal vegetables available to subsidize the cost of food for each residency. 

Create: Get in the Barn and get to work making something new.

Connect: Every Barn Arts Residency includes a Partnership with a local organization. Artists collaborate with community members on programs that bring people together.

Present: Every Residency ends with a public event for the local community to share in the fruits of the work developed on the island.

About Barn Arts

Barn Arts is based in Bass Harbor, Maine on a waterfront, half-acre parcel of land on the west side of Mount Desert Island.  The area includes the house in which the residents live, the Barn, which is used for rehearsals and performances, and the area around the house - with a tidal bay, a garden, and a fire pit.  The property is surrounded by Acadia National Park and many previous residents have worked site-specifically and environmentally, making use of the natural setting. Bass Harbor is a small fishing village located half an hour from Bar Harbor and ten minutes from Southwest Harbor, which has the nearest grocery store and hardware store.

The Barn was built in 1887 and a hundred years later it was turned into Once Upon a Time - an antique store owned and operated by Doris Simon. The Barn was repurposed as a theatre space in 2008 by Barn Arts co-founder Andrew Simon, Doris's grandson. In the last ten years, space has featured performances of all kinds and hosted audiences of all sizes as it has become a centre for the community for locals and visitors to Mount Desert Island. 

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