World of Collaboration Residency Program 2019, Bulgaria


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World of CO, a multidisciplinary self-directed Residency

World of Co is an initiative inspired by the vivid art scene. After a couple of years living aboard and taking part of different art associations and residencies, the World of Co crew decided to share and bring their experience to Bulgaria – by creating a multidisciplinary Residency Program in the capital, Sofia.  The aim of the Residency is multileveled - from one side, bringing together international artists and creative people to Bulgaria to exhibit, collaborate, learn and share. From another side, to unveil a different perspective of one not-so-well-known country and its’ art potential.


The duration of the Residency is between 1 to 6 months, one-month minimum stay.

Accomodation & Studio Space

Shared studio & living space is located at the city center. The space is furnished 140m² large, including Wi-Fi and all utilities (water, heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.) The artists are accommodated in a private fully furnished room, between 15 and 25 sqm. Each room consists of a bed, a nightstand and desk. 

Self-Directed Residency Program Includes:

Accommodation & Shared studio in one Traditional craft workshops (carpet weaving and wood carving) Introduction to Bulgarian art & culture: From traditional to contemporary art (lectures) Weekly Bulgarian Chit-Chat language lessons Artist studio /Museum or gallery visit Artists' talk – present your art to the local audience Collective Open studio day where you can exhibit and present your work at the end of the month Sofia City Guide - a curated collection of art stores, print shops, contemporary galleries and museums Weekly list of art and culture events in Sofia Bulgarian phone number – SIM card 

Residency Fees

Residency program with provided accommodation: 650€ per month If you share the room with another artist the price is 500€ per month for each Residency program without provided accommodation: 350€ per month 

Additional Workshops

Learn new skills during workshops, offered by local artists and craftsmen. You can choose and add to your program the following workshops: Traditional carpet weaving, Traditional wool crafts, Corn Weaving, Pottery, Woodcarving, Cyanotype, Screen printing on paper or textile and so on. The prices vary according to the workshop you choose - from 20 to 50 euro per workshop.

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