Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management 2018, UAE


July 31, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management 2018, UAE

Be part of an award that recognises and celebrates innovation in the field of Project Management.



The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management was launched in 2015 under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council. The award has a vision to become an international hub for innovators, professionals & corporations to adopt best practices in excellent execution in projects. It also provides a platform to discover, encourage, promote innovation in Project Management. The award targets an international community of Project Management Professionals and Specialists to participate as Individuals, teams, or organizations involved with management of projects, programs, or portfolios.

The award has the following objectives:

  • Conduct and develop projects using innovative, smart and sustainable solutions
  • Award leaders and innovation in project management locally, regionally and internationally
  • Identify and assess best and innovative practices in project management and learning from them
  • Provide a platform for participants regarding innovative ideas in the field and exchange distinguished experiences in project management
  • Exchange knowledge in project management
  • Learn from distinguished innovations in project management and apply them

Award objectives

  • Achieve project development through innovative and creative sustainable solutions
  • Recognize talent and creative potential in project management locally, regionally and internationally
  • Explore and assess and use creative practices in project management
  • Provide a platform to share innovative ideas and exchange expertise in project management excellence
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices in project management
  • Take advantage of unique innovations in project management

Who should Apply?

The Award calls on all individuals, Team and organization who have introduced innovative practices in the management of their projects, programs or portfolios.

General Rules and Conditions:

1. Applications must be filled in English only.

2. All Applications should be submitted within the stated submissions period.

3. Incomplete applications will be subject to disqualification.

4. There are no application fees to apply for any of the Award categories.

5. Each Award category has specific eligibility criteria.

6. Applications that do not comply with the general rules and conditions will be subject to disqualification.

7. Projects submitted in the application must be the product of the applicant's work.

8. Applications based on submitted projects that are completed must not have a completion date longer than 48 months prior to the date of application submission, while Applications based on submitted Programs and Portfolios that are still ongoing, must have produced sufficient results to demonstrate the impact of the used innovation.

9. The same innovation can be used to apply for multiple awards, given each application meets that specific award eligibility criteria.

10. All supporting materials and evidence must be submitted prior to the submission deadline and must be clearly referenced. Additional information may be requested in which case it has to be provided within 5 working days from the request date.

11. Permission for the use of the Project information must be obtained from the project sponsor/owner for applications for the individual category.

12. The applicant will have the copyright for the submitted content. However information provided in the application maybe used for promotional and marketing purposes, including but not limited to videos and case studies.

13. The judging panel decisions are final and cannot be disputed by the applicant.

14. The allocation of the judging panel members for evaluation of each entry will ensure no conflict of interest.

15. Award might be divided between two or more applicants within the same Award category.

16. Awards maybe withheld in case none of the received applications meet the award standards.


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