Scholarship offers for non-EU/EFTA Country participants, 2018-2019, Poland.


July 31, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Scholarship offers for non-EU/EFTA Country participants, 2018-2019, Poland.

Scholarship offer for international candidates for I and II level of studies from non-EU/EFTA Countries, applying for studies on the basis different than Polish Citizens (with tuition fee).

Gdańsk University of Technology offers 50 scholarships for best newcomers in AY 2018/19: all candidates need to undergo the regular admission procedure according to provided process description and deadline, to take a part in the scholarship programme.
Best newcomers will receive tuition fee refund and scholarship  - 1250 PLN monthly (which is equivalent to approx. 300 Euro).

Scholarship may be extended to the next academic year only after passing all the exams in due time.

 Dates& Deadlines:

Apply for your intend studies, submit required documents (including tuition fee payment confirmation)

until 31/07/2018

Registration to the university

24/09/2018 – 30/09/2018

Finalizing the scholarship formalities (signing the agreement and tuition refund form)

01/10/2018 – 05/10/2018


As a PhD student you can be granted one or several out of the following scholarships:

1) A doctoral scholarship ( stypendium doktoranckie) 

2) An increase in doctoral scholarship from the grant for the promotion of excellence (stypendium projakościowe)

3) Scholarships from the Financial Support Fund

a) the rector's scholarship for the best doctoral students (stypendium  rektora dla najlepszych doktorantów);
b) maintenance grant (stypendium socjalne);
c) assistance grant (zapomoga);
d) special grant for disabled persons (stypendium specjalne dla osób niepełnosprawnych).

4) A university scholarship from the Own Scholarship Fund of

GUT(stypendia rektora z Funduszu Własnego PG)

a) "InterScholar PhD-Alpha" scholarship for newcoming foreigners

b) "InterScholar PhD-Beta" scholarship for newcoming foreigners

5) A scholarship of Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements (stypendium ministra za wybitne osiągnięcia)


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