International WaterCentre (IWC) Masters Scholarships 2019, Australia


August 01, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - International WaterCentre (IWC) Masters Scholarships 2019, Australia

International WaterCentre(IWC) Masters Scholarships 

IWC is offering the following scholarships for international candidates to study the MIWM program commencing in Trimester 1, 2019: Up to three international scholarships including

  • Type A - Up to two full tuition fee and full living costs scholarships for future water leaders from priority countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East (note - one scholarship will be reserved and awarded to a female candidate).
  • Type B - One full tuition fee scholarship for a future water leader from selected countries in North America, Europe and parts of Asia

Please note: the final number and value of scholarships awarded will remain at the discretion of IWC and will depend on the quality of applications received. 

Program of study

IWC Masters Scholarships are available for high calibre candidates to study the Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) full-time program delivered by IWC at Griffith University (CRICOS 096488K). These scholarships are not available for the IWC Graduate Diploma/Certificate or any other program. Scholarships are only available for new (commencing) students and not for current students already studying the MIWM program.

Duration of funding

The MIWM program must be completed within a maximum of three consecutive trimesters of full-time study (18 months). Recipients are required to complete the program within the duration specified in the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). The next intake will commence in Trimester 1 (February) 2019 and finish in Trimester 1 (July) 2020. All scholarships are awarded on the basis that Recipients maintain an enrolled status in their course of study. Requests for extensions to the period of study or temporary suspension of the scholarship may be granted under exceptional circumstances and must be made in writing to IWC for review on a case-by-case basis.

Minimum eligibility requirements

All scholarship candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • A completed undergraduate degree in a related field of study from an internationally-recognized institution
  • At least two years of professional experience (paid work or volunteering experience relevant to the program and following the completion of an undergraduate degree). Although not essential for entry in the MIWM program, candidates with more than two years of relevant professional experience have a higher chance of securing a scholarship – see Selection Criteria and Application Process below.
  • International candidates must also demonstrate English language proficiency (see Griffith’s requirements including minimum scores for English Language Proficiency tests). A proof of English language proficiency needs to be uploaded during the online application process. If a candidate fails to upload a valid proof of English Language Proficiency they will not be considered for the scholarship and will automatically be rejected. 

Selection criteria

The Scholarship Selection Panel will assess all applications received that meet the minimum eligibility requirements (above). The Panel will then use the following selection criteria to rank competitive applications and to decide on the successful recipients:

  1. Leadership qualities including collaboration and team work, flexibility, initiative, communication skills, integrity and vision through professional, educational, community and other achievements.
  2. Professional and volunteering record: relevant employment and volunteering experience, achievements, membership of professional bodies and professional references.
  3. Academic record: an excellent academic record and a likelihood of success in further study at Masters level.
  4. Commitment to promoting and driving the implementation of collaborative, whole-of-water-cycle, integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to water management.
  5. Potential outcomes: the likelihood of positive impacts on the individual and the water sector from participating in the MIWM program.

Application and selection process

STEP 1. Online application (by 1 August) 

Scholarship candidates who meet the minimum eligibility requirements (see above) must submit an online application form by 1 August 2018. A link to an online application form will be available on the IWC website during the scholarship applications period: filling the online application form, the following documents will need to be uploaded: 

  • Current Resume/CV
  • Two reference letters from a professional or academic referee (*reference letters can be from the same referees who are listed on the applicants’ scholarship application form *referees also have the option to email the reference letters directly to
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (ELP) - eg. IELTS, TOEFL or PTE test or any other alternative evidence of ELP as per Griffith’s Policy.

At this stage, candidates who fail to meet the minimum eligibility requirements, including uploading a current proof of English Language Proficiency to their online application form, will not be considered for the scholarship and will automatically receive an email to advise they have been unsuccessful. Candidates do not need to submit an application for admission into the MIWM program at Griffith University before 1 August. They will be invited to do so only if their application is shortlisted (refer to Step 2. below).

STEP 2. Shortlisting of applications and invitation to apply at Griffith University

The Scholarship Selection Panel will conduct a preliminary assessment of each application received. Each application must meet the minimum eligibility requirements and will be assessed according to the selection criteria aforementioned (see ‘Selection Criteria’ on page 3). In early August, applications will be divided into two groups: 

  • ‘Group 1’ - shortlisted applications which will be invited to proceed to the next stage; and
  • ‘Group 2’ - non-eligible and/or non-competitive applications (unsuccessful) 

At this stage, the Scholarship Selection Panel will consider the Personal Statement provided by candidates. The Personal Statement is one of the questions on the scholarship application form available on the IWC website. Please note that applicants are not required to send a separate personal statement. The Personal Statement is a very important part of a Scholarship application, and the IWC strongly advises applicants to invest significant effort to craft a focussed, thoughtful, reflective Statement. Applicants who fall under the ‘Group 2’ will be contacted shortly after their application is submitted (and by 22 August at the latest) to advise they have been unsuccessful. At this stage, only shortlisted applicants (‘Group 1’) will be invited to submit an application for admission into the MIWM program at Griffith. They will be given until 24 September 2018 to do so. Following this date their application will be assessed by Griffith. Therefore, it is essential that all candidates submit a complete application by the 24 September 2018 (including all transcripts, current proof of English Language Proficiency and other documents required by Griffith International Admissions). 

Please note that Griffith will only process applications for shortlisted applicants that are received by the 24th September. Any applications received after the 24th September will NOT be considered in the 2019 selection round. ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS CONTAINING ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Past this date, applicants may not receive an unconditional offer of admission from Griffith on time to be considered for the IWC Masters Scholarships.

Note on Griffith non-refundable application fee: Griffith will charge a $50 application fee for all online for admission in the MIWM. The application fee will be waived for all ‘Group 1’ candidates who are shortlisted after the scholarship round closes and invited to apply for admission. Any other applicants who are not in ‘Group 1’ who choose to apply to Griffith will be required to pay the $50 application fee.

STEP 3. Selection of successful scholarship recipients

By the 15th of October, the Scholarships Selection Panel will liaise with Griffith to ensure that all shortlisted applicants (‘Group A’) have received an unconditional offer of admission into the MIWM. An unconditional offer is granted when the applicant meets all entry requirements and has submitted all relevant documentation to Griffith by the 24th September. At this stage, only candidates who have received an unconditional offer of admission into the MIWM program at Griffith will be considered for the scholarships. Applicants who have not received an unconditional offer of admission from Griffith by the 15th of October will not be considered in the final selection round. The Scholarship Selection Panel will then select successful recipients using the selection criteria aforementioned. The Panel may conduct reference checks by contacting the referees nominated in the scholarships application form. Selected candidates may be also contacted for a phone interview. The Selection Panel adheres to IWC's policy of non-discrimination for this process. Decisions of the Scholarships Selection Panel are final and confidential.

Final decision

Successful recipients will be notified (via email) on 2 November 2018. The value and conditions of their scholarship will be outlined in their scholarship offer letter from IWC 

Scholarship restrictions

Scholarships are available in the year of offer only and are only available for commencing students who choose to study the MIWM program starting in Trimester 1, 2019. Scholarship Recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.5 or above throughout the MIWM program to continue to receive scholarship funding. If a Recipient’s cumulative GPA falls below 5.5 at any time during the program, IWC reserves the right to forfeit the scholarship. Important - the successful Recipients of a ‘Type A Scholarship’ (i.e. Full tuition and full living costs scholarship) may be asked to comply with additional conditions. If this is the case, these conditions will be outlined in their letter of offer. These may relate to restrictions regarding topics/themes for Problem-Based Learning projects and/or final project, attendance to specific conferences or any other restrictions that may be imposed by external scholarship sponsors.

Activities during scholarship period

Scholarship Recipients may be expected to participate in extra-curricular activities beyond the MIWM Program regular coursework requirements, which may include but are not limited to

  • Collaborating with IWC’s marketing department to provide photos, videos, interviews and/or written testimonials for promotional purposes.
  • Providing up to three hours per week or intermittently for research activities, as required by the IWC Education Director
  • Present research at selected conferences during the program, as designated by IWC 

Failure to participate in the aforementioned activities - when required by IWC- may result in the forfeiture of the scholarship.

Fieldwork and final project

Scholarship Recipients may choose to conduct fieldwork in Australia or overseas as part of the ‘Final Project’ and/or the ‘Community, livelihoods, development and water’ module. All costs related to travel and field works during the MIWM program are the responsibility of the Recipients. Recipients are solely responsible for obtaining relevant visas for overseas field work and for ensuring all activities are in compliance with all visa requirements.

Withdrawal or termination 

A scholarship will terminate if:

  • the Recipient withdraws from the Program; or
  • the Recipient does not conform to the present terms and conditions of the Scholarship; or
  • the Recipient does not conform to Griffith University rules and policies; or
  • the Recipient does not complete each trimester with satisfactory progress (please refer to minimum GPA condition in the ‘Scholarships restrictions’ section above).
  • the Recipient does not resume the Program at the conclusion of a period of approved leave of absence or does not make arrangements for the approval of an extension to the period of leave of absence. The scholarships are tenable at Griffith University and subject to satisfactory progress according to Griffith’s policies.

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