UNESCO and Juventus Photo Contest 2018, France


May 06, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - UNESCO and Juventus Photo Contest 2018, France

UNESCO and Juventus Photo Contest

Football is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Many of us share memories of playing football with friends in the street or in a field, using sticks or lines on a wall for goalposts. According to FIFA, 3.2 billion people watched the World Cup finals in Brazil in 2014. Considering its global reach and its individual appeal, football holds enormous power and potential to bring people of different cultures and countries together.

UNESCO and Juventus call on you to activate this power and spread a message of peace and tolerance through stories of football. Let’s build an online movement where pictures tell a thousand words. All you need to do is send a photo which showcases football’s potential to promote inclusion, overcome stereotypes and overturn discrimination in all its forms. Speak up, share your football story with the world and have the chance to win prizes and be featured in a campaign video.

Summary of the Contest Rules

To enter the contest, please send your photo to WhatColour@unesco.org(link sends e-mail) along with a 150-200 word testimony (in English or French) explaining how football promotes and fosters inclusion, unity and tolerance, and overcomes discrimination. Please also indicate your first and last name, together with your contact details and your profession.

Photo composition and format

  • Your photo should be dynamic and express movement/campaign messaging
  • Your photo should be in colour and in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi)
  • Dimensions can either be portrait or landscape, and the format can be either portrait, photojournalism, street photos, or action photos
  • Signatures, photographers’ names, or copyright notices should be submitted along with the photo
  • Your photo must be sent by email, in digital format, as a .jpg file

Content of photos

The photos must represent the theme on how football promotes and fosters inclusion, unity and tolerance, and overcomes discrimination. Only minor modifications to the photographs will be accepted (e.g. dodging and burning, aperture, cropping, color balance) and must be clearly indicated in the image’s description. Each photograph must not contain any personal information that identifies the photographer. All participants must be able to provide a high-resolution image that, if selected, can be printed on different mediums for exhibitions. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any photograph that does not meet the criteria. 

Intellectual property rights

Each participant in the photo contest certifies that he or she is the sole copyright holder of all submitted photographs and they are original to him/her. 2 The participant has full power to authorize the use of the photographs. Each participant in the photo contest certifies that all submitted photographs do not violate or infringe on any existing copyright or any other third party rights and contain nothing otherwise unlawful. The participant grants for free to the Organizer the worldwide non-exclusive right for the whole term of copyright, to use, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, reproduce, adapt, publish or distribute and redistribute the photographs in full or part for purposes of publicizing the Organizer’s programmes or for any other lawful purpose and communicate to the public, worldwide, in any language in printed and electronic format, the whole or any part of the submitted photos. The participant understands and agrees that the submitted materials will become the property of the Organizer and will not be returned. In addition, the participant waives the right to inspect or approve any finished products, whether in written or electronic form. The participant waives any right to royalties, payment or other consideration arising from or related to the use of the photo(s). The participant agrees to indemnify UNESCO and holds it harmless against any third party claims for loss, injury, damage (including any legal costs and/or other expenses properly incurred), prejudice, liability or expense suffered as a result of or in any manner in connection with the entry, any other of the acts or omissions or any information provided, including but not limited to, claims for violation of copyrights. The participant recognizes UNESCO as a specialized agency of the United Nations enjoys the 1947 Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies. The participant grants the Organizer the right to use his or her name, photograph, image or likeness in the context of any recording, any presentation, speech or other form of publicity in connection with the photo contest. The following credit shall be given: © NAME OF PHOTOGRAPHER/UNESCO. The participant agrees that if an amicable settlement of any dispute relating to the contest cannot be reached, it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) Arbitration Rules.

Respect of privacy, image rights and good moral standards

No visual elements of another party (affecting privacy or image rights) may appear in the images. If the photographs show people, participants must obtain permission from them. Photographs must not contain elements that are defamatory, offensive, pornographic, racist, insulting, unlawful or contrary to good morals. 

Selection criteria

Photographs will be judged on their originality, creativity, photographic quality and relevance to the theme. The choice will be made according to the discretion of the judges. No appeals will be considered. 

Contest winners

A minimum of 3 winners and 7 runners-up will be selected. UNESCO will publish the results of the photo contest on 12 May 2018. Winners and runners-up will be notified directly and their photos and testimonies will be published on social media channels and the web. The ten best photos will be included in a promotional video which will be widely disseminated. The three winners will receive a Canon DSLR camera (or equivalent). Contest winners and runners-up will receive a personalized Juventus 2017/2018 shirt and a football. In the event that the proclaimed winner has been recognized as not having conformed to the contest’s requirements, an alternate candidate will be chosen to be replaced by the disqualified participant. The Organizer holds the right to exchange the awards for a similar award of the same value. Winners must send their full contact information (name, email, address and date of birth). No award may be subject for a refund or for exchange. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for theft, loss or damages of awards after it has been awarded to the winner.

Data protection

The information provided by the participants may be used for data processing, excluding commercial or political use. They benefit from the right to access, rectify and remove data about themselves by making a formal request to the Organizer of the photo contest. Participants may request to be omitted or removed from the contest before the closing date of the submission. 

Important Disclosure

  • UNESCO reserves the right to modify the contest prizes and its rules and regulations as and when necessary, without prior notice.
  • To participate in the contest, the photographer must own the rights of the content he/she is submitting.
  • By participating in the contest, the photographer holds the copyright to the photos submitted, but UNESCO retains the unlimited right to use the submitted photos for public information purposes in UNESCO’s fields of competence. UNESCO will only use photos for non-commercial purposes which include education and advocacy materials, website, brochures, reports, flyers, at no cost. The photographers will be credited.

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