Dentistry Program at The International University of Georgia 2018, Georgia

Publish Date: Mar 05, 2018

Dentistry Program at The International University of Georgia 2018, Georgia

The International University of Georgia provides a profound and inspirational setting where professional faculty, talented students, and administrative staff are united in purpose — contribute to the strength of an exciting academic community. Program expect an academic excellence and encourage independence of thought.

Faculty, staff, and administrators welcome diverse and talented students into the community, work closely with them to provide a broad and deep education and guide them in finding and cultivating their passions. The university do this with a wide range of disciplines and practical courses in Dentistry. UniGeo is targeted to contribute Practice-Based Education. It is focused on meeting the labour market demand in order to assist the graduates to become a professional and get employed. It is a sustaining quality of UniGeo.

How to apply

Admission at the International University of Georgia (UniGeo) is possible by filling the Application Form  (application form) or by sending all the required documents to the following e-mail –  After submission the applicant will receive a confirmation letter from the Office of Admissions.

Note: All documents should be scanned and converted in pdf format.

List of the required documents:

  1. Copy of the passport;
  2. School Certificate / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  3. Application fee payment receipt.

 Application Fee:

The admission fee is 150 USD (non-refundable) and includes translation, notarization and the application fee for the National Center for Quality Education Enhancement.

In case of paying 150 USD, University will cover all expenses automatically.

Application Deadlines:

There are no application deadlines. There are two intakes in every Academic year: Spring Intake, Fall Intake


The nature of Georgia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. The country is situated on the Black Sea coast between the mountain ranges of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. Mountains occupy two-thirds of Georgia’s land area. In the west of the country lies the Colchis lowland. Eastern Georgia has fertile plains in the historical areas of Imeretia, Kartli and Kakhetia. UniGeo sponsors the international students for the excursions around this beautiful country.

About Georgia

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia is a unitary Semi-presidential Republic, with the government elected through a representative Democracy.

Tourism is an increasingly significant part of the Georgian economy. In 2016, 2,714,773 tourists brought approximately US$2.16 billion to the country. According to the government, there are 103 resorts in different climatic zones in Georgia. Tourist attractions include more than 2,000 mineral springs, over 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, four of which are recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Bagrati Catedral in Kutaisi and Gelati Monastery, historical monuments of Mtskheta, and Upper Svaneti)

The climate of Georgia is extremely diverse, considering the nation’s small size. There are two main climatic zones, roughly corresponding to the eastern and western parts of the country. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range plays an important role in moderating Georgia’s climate and protects the nation from the penetration of colder air masses from the north. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains partially protect the region from the influence of dry and hot air masses from the south.

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