Conf/CfP - Early Modern Art Towards Tradition and Modernity 28–29 June 2018, Poland


February 12, 2018

Event Date:

June 28, 2018 - June 29, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Conf/CfP - Early Modern Art Towards Tradition and Modernity 28–29 June 2018, Poland

Conf/CfP - Early Modern Art Towards Tradition and Modernity 28–29 June 2018

Early Modern Art Towards Tradition and Modernity Part 2: Partners and Rivals

International conference organised by the Society “Liber Pro Arte” and the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences

“Partners and Rivals” is the second edition of the “Early Modern Art Towards Tradition and Modernity” conference. Partnership and rivalry are keywords describing the social relations as well as immanent components of the artistic world and the life revolving around art. The bonds of friendship, cooperation, and rivalry propelled the world of art into motion. They were present at an individual as well professional level. Partnership and rivalry influenced the personal artistic relations and could also be seen from a broader perspective (e.g. in international, transregional context).

Conference intention is to connect scholars whose research focuses on a variety of topics related to partnership and rivalry in early modern art. The following list includes potential topics for papers which are suggested as inspiration. However, applicants should not feel limited by these topics. We welcome a broad range of ideas and interpretations.

The Conference would like to call your attention to the following issues:

  • the broad spectrum of artistic relations e.g. in the international, transregional context
  • relations among artists, patrons, collectors, artistic institutions etc.
  • private, professional and institutional relations and their influence on the artists’ workshops
  • the functioning and significance of networks among the participants of artistic life and art market
  • the exchange of inspirations and knowledge sharing among the actors of the art world
  • the boundaries between partnership and rivalry

The conference is an international event oriented towards interdisciplinary thought and work. The conference encourages diverse topics and methodological approaches. Committee especially welcome papers related to digital art history and expect proposals that creatively or innovatively benefit from digital projects, tools, and scholarships in the analysis in the scope of the history of art. Digital projects that use computational methods, mapping, networking, and/or 3D modelling to analyse and interpret historical artistic materials are of particular interest to us. Digital art history proposals should clarify how digital tools are involved in research in the scope of art history, and how they facilitate the assessment, communication and scholarly exchange.

The conference welcomes presentations from all disciplines and career stages and encourage especially emerging scholars and advanced doctoral candidates to send proposals. Each speaker will be given 30 minutes, for a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute discussion.


Abstracts (in .doc format) of no more than 500 words should be sent to by 12 February 2018. Please include the following information: the title of the paper, your full name, institutionary and disciplinary affiliation and a brief biography of no more than 200 words. Selected applicants will be notified by 5 March 2018.

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