Conf/CfP - Transcultural Studies Student Conference, 27 April 2018, Germany

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2018

Deadline: Feb 18, 2018

Transcultural Studies Student Conference 

We are happy to announce that on April 27th, 2018, the Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in a Global Context will be holding its inaugural Transcultural Studies Student Conference at Heidelberg University, exclusively aimed for and managed by Masters and PhD students who are performing research employing or relating to transcultural theory. 

Founded in 2007, the Cluster provides excellent academic facilities and prospects, especially for young scholars, through its renowned MA in Transcultural Studies. 

To further the international discourse on Transcultural Studies, students at the cluster have taken the initiative to begin a conference titled: The Theory and Practice of Transculturation.

The goal of the conference is to establish an annual student conference in the methodology of Transcultural Studies in which advanced students of all fields and places can meet and engage in discourse that would enhance our collective understanding of our emerging methodological outlook. 

The conference will include a Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. William. S. Sax, Professor and Head of Department of Anthropology, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University

The Theory and Practice of Transculturation (2018 conference) 

Can transculturation be looked at practically? In recent times multiculturalism has become a staple term for policy making in many countries, being employed in a fashion that deals with issues of identity and society in politics, international relations, the economy, culture and others. Aspiring to challenge some of the base assumptions of multiculturalism, the idea of transculturation as a methodology has seen increasing popularity of late, although at large this popularity has remained restricted to a theoretical academic discourse. Considering this, it is the goal of this workshop to examine transculturation as a thought tool for practical implementation, both “real world” and academic. 

Towards this goal, it is the purpose of this workshop to gather starting researchers of all relevant fields and disciplines in order to create the next generation of discourse concerning transcultural theory. Therefore, both Masters and PhD candidates from all universities and countries will be welcome to send their application in the form of a short summary of their current research as long as it is relevant to a practical view of transculturation processes. We welcome papers from the fields of political science, History, Sociology, Anthropology, History of Art, Economy, Culture Studies and more. 

The Karl Jasper Center for Advance Transcultural Studies and its cluster of excellence at Heidelberg University has been pioneering training in the methodology of Transcultural Studies for now over a decade, being a leading academic course in promoting the study of transculturation. Therefore, the workshop will strive to maintain the division set by the cluster, and discuss the topic in hand via three general lenses as will be embodied in the different panels: 1) Society, Economy and Government, 2) Knowledge, Belief and Religion, and finally 3) Visual and Material Culture. We believe that aspiring researchers of most fields and disciplines will find it possible to match their transcultural studies research with at least one of the lenses of this workshop. 


Submissions in a variety of fields are welcomed. All papers will be considered, regardless of disciplinary background, as long as they are relevant to processes of transculturation in their respective research. We believe that aspiring researchers from many fields might be interested in participating, and we encourage all those who do to do so. Submissions must be via E-mail and in the form of an abstract of approximately 250 words, must be submitted in English, as PDF and follow the Chicago Manual Style. 

To apply for the conference, please submit a 250 word abstract via e-mail to by the February 18th as a deadline. Your abstract should be including a title and an abstract but nothing else (this is to ensure a discrete and objective examination process). When sending the application, please title the E-mail in the following format: TSSC18 (as in “Transcultural Studies Student Conference 2018), Underscore, First name, Underscore, Surname. Example: TSSC18_John_Smith. The E-mail itself should include: Full Name, preferred pronoun, student academic status (must be equivalent to Masters Candidate or PhD Candidate), name of student program, name of home institution, submission title as is written in the abstract, and finally the country from which the applicant will be traveling from to the conference. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by March 8nd. 

Successful applicants will be expected to provide a summary of up to 1,500 of their paper by no later than March 25. 

Potential Funding 

The Transcultural Studies Student Conference can provide a travel expense and/or housing expense reimbursement of up to 150 Euro per students coming to the conference from outside Heidelberg’s vicinity. (Up to 100 Euro traveling fees and up to 50 Euro housing fees). Reimbursement will be considered on a caseby-case situation and is oriented towards students interested in joining the conference from afar. In addition, a homestay arrangement will also be considered. For more information please do not be hesitant to ask at 

Please direct all other questions and inquiries to 

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