Warsaw University Scholarship Program 2018, Poland

University of Warsaw


March 01, 2018



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Scholarship program in Poland for researchers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Central Asia and the Caucasus

The program is offered by Warsaw University but scholarships may be realised also in other universities and schools in Poland

The Scholarship Program for Young Scholars was started in 2003 and is addressed to candidates from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The scholarships are intended for the realization of academic training in the form of year-long individual supplementary studies.

Applicants are usually Ph.D. holders, young lecturers or university graduates who wish to continue their studies after returning home. The scholarship enables them to bring back the knowledge they have gained and spread it in their home country. Scholarship recipients receive academic supervision from specialists in their chosen subject of interest. Academic supervisors also later act as promoters for scholarship recipients when they write their final papers.

Each year, 70 scholarship students take part. They are young humanities students that improve their qualifications during a 9-month apprenticeship at any one of the best schools of higher education in Poland. Since its inception, over 500 individuals have taken part in the program.

Submission deadline:

March 1, 2018


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