United Nations Population Fund in Armenia: Vacancy Announcement

Publish Date: Mar 08, 2013

Deadline: Mar 22, 2013

Project:  Strengthening the Y-PEER network in Armenia

Job Title: Project Coordinator

Modality:  Service Contract, Part-time

Duration:  9 months

Duties and Responsibilities:  Under the overall guidance of the UNFPA Assistant Representative and the direct supervision of UNFPA National Programme Officer the Y-PEER project coordinator assists in the coordination, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects and activities targeted at young people within the framework of the UNFPA Country Programme and strengthening the Y-PEER network in Armenia. The project coordinator will perform following tasks:

A) Y-PEER Armenia Network Sustainability

A.1) Develop and coordinate establishment and strengthening of the Y-PEER Armenia national network structure

A.2) Organize recruitment of new network members according the new structure (open call announcements, Volunteer agreement forms, terms of reference of network members and volunteers etc.)

A.3) Create Y-PEER activity related documentation such as (Annual working plan, M&E of the network and its members, network members’ profiles etc.)

A.4) Establish useful and productive cooperation with donor organizations and Governmental and non governmental institutions to insure the sustainability of the network

A.5) Draft guidelines & manuals for Y-PEER related trainings and sessions

A.2) Propose further steps for further development of the network as necessary

B) Y-PEER Armenia network members’ coordination

B.1) Develop motivational tips for the volunteers to ensure high level of working productivity

B.2) Ensure that network members enjoy the environment they work in

B.3) Undertake individual performance assessments on quarter and on an annual basis acknowledging achievements and providing analysis and provide advice if needed.

B.4) Monitor the activities of Y-PEER national network members on progress on the achievement of assigned tasks

B.5) Develop and maintain database of Y-PEER Armenian network members[1]

C) Project planning and implementation

C.1) Assist the UNFPA CO in the planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of Y-PEER related activities;

C.2) Manage Y-PEER communications, including Y-PEER News Bulletin, Y-PEER quarterly national and inputs for global Newsletter and press releases as required;

C.3) Ensure participation of Y-PEER network members in relevant advocacy events/activities in the country incl. on ICPD beyond 2014, Post 2015 processes, on SRH, HIV/AIDS, MDG progress review, Armenia Development Strategy (2012-2025), strategic planning process on HIV/AIDS, youth strategies,  improvement of YFHS, etc.;

C.4) Facilitate distribution of materials/publications developed by Y-PEER;

C.5) Manage Y-PEER National list-serve, generate forum discussions, and update it with new members;

C.6) Work closely with UNFPA Armenia CO and all main stakeholders, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office, other UNFPA COs and focal points/focal points in charge/international coordinators/Y-PEERs, when needed;

C.7) Assist UNFPA CO in the selection process and recruitment of young people to participate at different Y-PEER related activities both on national and regional/international level;

C.8) Conduct weekly briefings with UNFPA CO and write quarterly reports and progress report in the set formats;

C.9) Assist in processing and filing all project and Y-PEER related documentation;

C.10) Implement the Y-PEER National Action Plan (NAP)

C.11) Develop plan to enable expansion of the Y-Peer network throughout Armenia, strengthening of outreach through development of new communications/information means and undertaking capacity-building/training activities for the new members;

C.12) Map possible donors, prepare proposals and fund-raising initiatives;

D) Monitoring and management

D.1) Draft M&E tools for the monitoring and evaluation of the network, its members, donors and partners.

Qualifications: We are looking for a candidate who has:

- Relevant university and postgraduate education in Social Science, Development Studies or related field;

- Relevant experience in training and education and health promotion among young people;

- Extensive experience in working with youth-led organizations/institutions working on youth issues, including youth policy related issues;

- Familiarity and experience with UNFPA and Y-PEER ;

- Experience in conducting and facilitating meetings and peer education training sessions;

- Good knowledge of English and Armenian languages;

- Proficiency in current office software applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet);

- A positive and professional approach;

- Initiative and sound judgment and demonstrated ability to work in harmony with persons of different backgrounds;

- High motivation, proactivity and ability to work independently, with strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.

Expected outcomes:

-        Established Sustainable Y-PEER network in terms of Network structure and its capacity

-        Strategy of human resource management of the network developed

-        Y-PEER recruitment system for further recruitment of the network members developed

-        Y-PEER training guidelines and manuals developed

-        Project proposals developed and submitted

-        M&E tools for further monitoring and evaluation of the network activities developed

How to apply: Please submit your CV and Cover Letter to the UN House Guards Office by March 22nd, 2013, 17:00.

(Address: 14 P. Adamyan Street, Yerevan). Please note, that late applications will not be considered.

Please sign the registration form available with the UN Guards upon submission of your application.

UNFPA will be able to respond to those applicants in whom the organization has a further interest.

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