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Publish Date: Aug 23, 2010

International Journal of Business Anthropology

ISSN 2155-6237

The International Journal of Business Anthropology is a newly created peer-reviewed referral journal in the field of business anthropology published by the North American Business Press (NABP) biannually. NABP is a professional press that publishes seven academic journals, including Journal of Applied Business and Economics,  Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Journal of Marketing Development and CompetitivenessInternational Journal of Business Anthropology, International Journal of China Marketing.   

Currently, the acceptance rate of NABP journals is less than twenty percent, with the Journal of Applied Business and Economics at nine percent.  The journals are indexed by UMI-Proquest-ABI Inform, EBSCOhost, GoogleScholar, and listed with Cabell’s Directory, Ulrich’s Listing of Periodicals, Bowkers Publishing Resources, the Library of Congress, the National Library of Canada, and Australia’s Department of Education Science and Training. Furthermore, the journals published by NABP have been affirmed as scholarly research outlets by the following business school accrediting bodies: AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE & EQUIS. For more information about the North America Business Press please visit their homepage at

The International Journal of Business Anthropology is composed of a group of scholars who believe that given the rapidly growing field of business anthropology it is necessary to have such a journal as a platform to share ideas and knowledge.   We define business anthropology as an academic and scholastic field in which anthropologists and scholars from other disciplines apply anthropological theories, methods, and skills to identify, study, and provide the solutions to solve all kinds of business-related problems across a range of businesses and industries, domestically and internationally.  Moreover, the field of business anthropology also includes academic and scholastic works by a diverse group of anthropologists who use business concepts and principles to understand many different kinds of communities and social organizations under their study. 

Accordingly, we define business anthropologists as those anthropologists who study the business fields of management, operations, marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, organizational culture, human resources management, international business, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and so on, as well as those anthropologists who study various social organizations and communities by applying business principles and concepts.   Their study is done through anthropological methods, particularly through ethnographic methods, such as participant observation, informal and structured interviews, and other typical anthropological research methods. Business anthropologists should and are able to play key roles in the business world, by helping business organizations develop culturally appropriate ways of doing business with suppliers, business partners, clients and customers. Promoting smooth working relationships among employees who are increasingly likely, thanks to recent equal opportunity employment legislation, to represent different age groups, ethnic groups, and gender equality. Business anthropologists should also be able to help all kinds of organizations and communities become more efficient in their everyday operations by implementing business principles and concepts.

Our journal is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of business and anthropology knowledge by publishing, through a blind, refereed process, ongoing results of research in accordance with international scientific or scholarly standards. Articles are written by corporate and industrial anthropologists, business leaders, policy analysts, and active researchers for an audience of specialists, practitioners, and students.  Articles of regional interest are welcome, especially those dealing with lessons that may be applied to other regions around the world.  This would include, but not limited to, areas of general business anthropology theories and methods, anthropological approach to marketing and consumer behavior, anthropology of business, anthropology of management, anthropological applications to product design, competitive intelligence, human resources management, cultural auditing, and management, organizational theory and behavior, operations management, cross-cultural communications in the business world, or any of these disciplines in an international context,  anthropological and ethnographic studies of traditional or modern business communities, leaders and strategies.

- to explore the use of anthropological theories and methods in business practice

- to expand the use of business principles and concepts in anthropological study projects

- to generate an exchange of ideas between scholars, practitioners, and industry specialists in the field of applied anthropology

- to enhance the development and growth of business anthropology

- to promote the development of business anthropology education

- to acknowledge and disseminate forms of achievement in regional business and economic development thinking from an anthropological perspective

- to encourage a bridge between practice inside and outside the academic world

- to provide a vehicle of communication and source of career information for anthropologists working outside academia seeking careers in business settings

- to provide an additional outlet for scholars and experts to contribute their ongoing work in the area of applied cross-functional business and economic topics

- to serve as a forum for inquiry into the present state and future of anthropology in general

- to discuss and debate the public face of anthropology and the directions it takes in business applications

Executive Editors

Dr. Robert G. Tian

Dr. Daming Zhou

Members of Editorial Board (to be extended)
Dr. Gordon Bronitsky, Bronitsky, and Associates

Dr. Catriona Macaulay, University of Dundee UK 

Dr. Julia C. Gluesing, Wayne State University

Dr. Kewal Krishan, Panjab University
Dr. Michael Lillis, Medaille College

Dr. Alfons van Marrewijik, VU University Amsterdam

Mr. Toby Nord, Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota

Dr. Shuting Pan, Fudan University

Dr. Jean N. Scandlyn, University of Colorado Denver

Dr. Josephine Smart, University of Calgary

Dr. Tulasi Srinivas, Emerson College
Dr. Dixon Wong, Hong Kong University
Dr. Alf Walle, Galen University

Members of Advisory Board (to be extended):

Dr. William O. Beeman, University of Minnesota

Dr. Elizabeth Briody, Cultural Keys LLC

Dr. Jayne Howell, California State University Long Beach

Dr. Robbie Blinkoff, Context-Based Research Group

Dr. Timothy de Waal Malefyt, BBDO Worldwide Advertising

Dr. Robert J. Morais, Weinman Schnee Morais, Inc.

Dr. Pamela Puntenney, Environmental & Human Systems Management

Dr. Elizabeth Tunstall, the University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Shengmin Yang, Central University of Nationalities

Please send your manuscripts, news notes, and correspondence to Dr. Robert Guang Tian, Co-Editor, IJBA, via e-mail at, or

Volume 1(1)

International Journal of

Business Anthropology

Table of Content (Tentative)

How Anthropologists Can Succeed in Business:  Mediating Multiple Worlds of Inquiry

Robert J. Morais and Timothy de Waal Malefyt

Transactions en la Tienda: Alternatives to Traditional Financial Service Providers among Hispanic Immigrants in Virginia

Daisy Stevens Rojas

The Effects of Intercultural Training upon the Organizational Performance of Multinational Corporations in China

Ge  Gao

Indigenous People and Human Resource Management

Alf Walle

Group Differences among Nongmingong: An Ethnographic Field Work Report  on Dacheng Stationery Factory

Daming Zhou and Jin Huang

Cross-Cultural Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study at a Chinese Ethnic Buffet Restaurant

Hong Wang

Creating Spaces Where Things Happen: The Life Story of a Business Anthropologist

Gordon Bronitsky

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