Youth Exchange Green ConNEXTion, 5 – 15 September 2015, Belgium

Publish Date: Jul 07, 2015

Deadline: Jul 15, 2015

Event Dates: from Sep 05, 2015 12:00 to Sep 15, 2015 12:00

Description of event

Youth exchange “Green ConNEXTion”

Dear friends are you ready for the “greenest” event of the year? Ride a bike and learn how to be sustainable? Let’s see together the information of the youth exchange that YEU has in programme for this September:


The concept of Sustainable Development has been recognized as a crosscut principle in previous decades. Significant efforts are being put by governments, organizations, researchers, scientists and scholars around the world in this direction, aiming to develop a society which ensures harmony between environment, society and economic growth. After the UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1972, “environmental education” gained considerable level of recognition. Environmental education focuses on raising awareness about the environment and its associated changes. Yet, in the next years the need for a more holistic approach emerged. In this context, the idea of Education for Sustainable Development has been born.

Main Objectives 

The objectives of the project are
to raise awareness of sustainable development and necessity of environmental project
to raise awareness and learn the ways to ensure active participation of young people related to personal responsibility and everyday contribution to sustainable development
to promote cycling as a part of healthy and green lifestyle
to encourage young people to do more sports and outdoor activities
to motivate and support participants in using newly gained knowledge and skills to follow up on the project by organizing different events in their countries.

Result of the Project

The youth exchange will lead to various results, among others knowledge, skills and attitudes gained by the participants, which will help them to be more active towards sustainable development and adopt useful habits. In addition to that, the youth exchange will develop a video. The video will thoroughly provide vital information about the concept of sustainable development and tips about what young people can do for it. The idea is that this video is disseminated through the local/national/European networks of the partners with an aim to influence more young people.


Non-formal education methods will be used throughout the youth exchange as we strongly believe in its power to develop the competences of young people. In this process of learning, there are no teachers and students. The activities are organized according to the needs of the participants while the sharing of experiences in healthy environments of trust and mutual respect is encouraged. Some of the methods used will be group discussion, debates, role games, simulations, ice-breaking activities, team work, etc. Flexibility and variety in the methods used is very important to ensure that all the members of the learning process will be fully included. Together with non-formal education, we will use elements of outdoor education, experiential learning and sustainable development education.

Working Language

The working language of the youth exchange will be English.

Participant’s Profile

Criteria to select participants have already been established and refer to:
- the readiness of applicants to be involved in self-directed learning process
- physical readiness to ride a bicycle for different distances in a group
- the motivation to take part in the project
- the level of responsibility and motivation to put in practice the gained knowledge and skills through some follow-up activities in their countries

The countries included in this youth exchange are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Ukraine, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia and Romania.

Call is open also for other YEU Member Organizations within certain travel costs limits! Feel free to apply! If you want to know your travel costs limits, contact YEU Administrative office.

This opportunity has expired. It was originally published here:

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