Winter School - Speech Perception and Production, 9 - 13 January 2017, Chorin, Germany

Publish Date: Aug 15, 2016

Event Dates: from Jan 09, 2017 12:00 to Aug 13, 2016 12:00

This fifth winter school on Speech Perception and Production focuses on Learning and Memory. We invite PhD students and researchers of phonetics, linguistics, psychology, speech & language therapy and related disciplines to our five-day school. Invited speakers will address a wide variety of topics while participants are invited to present their own work, or work in progress.

The school will provide tutorials and scientific exchanges about learning and memory in speech production and perception and contribute to a better understanding of spoken communication within an interdisciplinary framework.

Context and objectives

Spoken communication is part of being human yet its apparent ease in everyday life contrasts with its complexity as a scientific object. Although most people learn to speak effortlessly, spoken communication is often altered in atypical development, aging or degenerative pathologies or even in typical development or specific disorders such as stuttering. This complexity is related to the fact that speech is a perceptuo-motor activity whose aims are defined in linguistic systems and social interactions. Learning and memory are important aspects of speech that have as yet been poorly connected to the representations of speech. Students, but also scientists and professionals in linguistics and psychology, will benefit from a better knowledge of recent scientific developments in long-term memory and learning.

The following issues will be addressed

  1. Which linguistic units are stored in the lexicon? Which linguistic units do children acquire during speech acquisition or adults during second language learning?
  2. How do children or adults with sensorimotor or anatomical difficulties learn speech /language or compensate for their problems? Which techniques and tools could be used in the rehabilitation process to improve the learning process?
  3. How can different modalities and their combination contribute to learning and memorizing a language?
  4. What are the neurophysiological substrates of short and long term memory, and how are they taken into account during learning?

Participants and pedagogical aims

The school combines perspectives from researchers and lecturers working interdisciplinarily: it will be beneficial to a broad audience and in particular to students in linguistics and psychology who want to extend their knowledge and discuss their own ideas about learning and memory in speech production and perception. The school will involve tutorials, which will provide a larger overview over a selected research area, but will also go into specific questions and recent developments. The program, size of the group, and the location are intended to allow for an extensive exchange in particular between student and senior researchers.

How to participate?

We invite PhD students and researchers of phonetics, linguistics, psychology, speech & language therapy and related disciplines to present their own work, or work in progress.

Participants should submit a letter of motivation (Why would you like to participate? What do you expect from the winter school?), a CV and an abstract (max. 2 pages, 12 pt font) related to the topic of the winter school. Please submit these documents to:

Deadline will be the 4th of November 2016.

All participants will have the opportunity to present their work in either a 20min oral presentation or a poster presentation +180sec on-the-spot poster pitch. Work in progress and method outlines are encouraged.


Registration fees

Participation will cost 388 € for students and 438 € for postdocs and senior researchers for full accommodation in double rooms and board during the whole winter school. No additional participant fees are required.

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