Visiting Scholars and Visiting Ph.D. Students at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Israel

Publish Date: Oct 07, 2015

The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies hosts visiting scholars and Ph.D. students from other Israeli or foreign academic institutions who  focus on Middle Eastern and North African politics, economics, history, anthropology/sociology and religion. The minimum duration of the affiliation is three months, which can be extended up to a year. Visiting scholars and Ph.D. students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our distinguished researchers and utilize the resources at the Moshe Dayan Center for the purpose of their studies and research. They will be provided full access to the Moshe Dayan Center Library, which contains exclusive Archive editions, as well as our Arabic Press Archives. Altogether this position allows scholars and Ph.D. students considerable benefits in conducting research projects related to the contemporary Middle East, North Africa, and the Islamic world.


A Visiting Scholar is required to have received a Ph.D. by the time of his or her arrival at the Moshe Dayan Center.

A Ph.D. candidate is eligible to serve as a visiting junior researcher at the Center, and will be affiliated as a Visiting Ph.D. Student.


Visiting scholars and Ph.D. students are responsible for their own funding and housing arrangements, and are expected to be in Israel for the duration of their affiliation with the Moshe Dayan Center. Financial support may be available in the framework of a joint research project if approved by our Committee.

The subject of the applicant's research should fall within the scope of the Center's fields of research. During their residence, Visiting Scholars are invited to write an op-ed for Tel Aviv Notesand/or a book review forBustan: The Middle East Book Review. Visiting Scholars and Visiting Ph.D. Students are also welcome to participate in Moshe Dayan Center seminars, conferences and other events. Optionally, Visiting Scholars and Ph.D. Students may deliver a lecture at one of the Center's forums.


Please direct inquiries to Mr. Joel Parker at
or call +972-3-640-6439.


Applications can be sent throughout the academic year and have no fixed deadline.
The following materials should be included in your application:

1) Curriculum vitae, including a list of publications

2) A research proposal (4-6 pages), outlining the research project and its methodology, and demonstrating the relevance of the subject to the Moshe Dayan Center

3) One letter of recommendation

Applications should be addressed to Prof. Uzi Rabi and can be sent via email to, or viapost to the following address:

             Professor Uzi Rabi

            Director, Moshe Dayan Center

            Visiting Scholar / Visiting Ph.D. Student Application

            Gilman Building 419

            Tel Aviv University

            Ramat Aviv

            Tel Aviv, 69978


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