Video Contest - Shining Stars of Europe

Publish Date: Sep 18, 2015

Deadline: Sep 30, 2015

Event Dates: from Dec 09, 2015 12:00 to Dec 10, 2015 12:00

Shining Stars of Europe - 4 th Edition

«Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future»

The Latvian and Luxembourg EU Presidencies 2015 and the European Commission would like to invite all young minds to participate in the fourth edition of the Shining Stars of Europe Video contest, featuring the topic of the European Year for Development, “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future”.

People from all over the world are invited to make a short video clip of not more than 150 seconds showing a particularly fruitful development cooperation project, carried out by an organisation or designed by themselves. It is possible to either shown your own ideas for a future development cooperation project, or to make a short documentary on an existing progressive development cooperation project in cooperation with an NGO.

Your movie can be in the language of your choice, while English subtitles shall be included if your chosen language is not English. Movies shall be submitted through and participation is open to everybody, irrespective of age or citizenship.

An international Jury consisting of artists, writers, public officials and people active in the field of development shall select the 15 best movies to be shown at the Finals. Out of these 15 finalists, 3 winners shall be selected through jury (40% voting weight), public (40% voting weight), and online voting (20% voting weight).

Selection criteria to be applied by the juries:

  1. Does the movie succeed to present a particularly fruitful example of development cooperation, of mutual benefit to all partners involved?
  2. Does the project demonstrate how the partners can become self-sustainable?
  3. Creativity and innovative ideas included in the message, the methods and the realisation.
  4. Quality and attraction of plot & realisation
  5. Technical realisation is taken into account but is not a main criterion

What’s important to consider?

When involved in development cooperation, we need to meet new identities and cultures with respect and look for opportunities of exchange and mutual benefit. All cultures can contribute to raising the quality of our lives in different ways. Let’s acknowledge each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses! How do we empower our partners instead of making them dependent? How can we make sure that development cooperation is mutually beneficial? What are effective actions to improve well-being and empowerment? Engagement with NGOs can help us to better define the challenge and get the best possible insights.

Prizes and Rewards

  • A money prize of 1 000 € for each of the 3 best movie contributions, offered by the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg.
  • Travel reimbursements of up to 1 000 € for each of the three winners, giving them the opportunity to present their movie to a selected audience. Winners shall also be invited to the Award Ceremony on 9th and 10th December 2015 in Luxembourg.
  • Partner Organisations involved in the production of the winning movies benefit from additional publicity and promotion through the Shining Stars of Europe contest featuring the European Year for Development.


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