Doctoral Fellowships in Human Geography 2019, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

University of Gothenburg


June 28, 2019



1 to 2 doctoral students in Human Geography

The Department of Economy and Society at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg announces 1-2 positions as doctoral student located at the Human Geography Unit.

The department conducts education and research within three different subject areas; Economic History, Human Geography, and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Asset. The different subjects within the department create possibilities to carry out interdisciplinary education and research.

In Human Geography societal processes are studied from a spatial perspective, globally and locally, as well as at individual and household levels. This includes human’s interaction with the surrounding environment, as well as how activities and places develop in relation to the world around. The research at the unit focuses the following thematic areas: Nature - society relations from a landscape perspective, Mobility, communication and transport geography, and Development geography. The unit offers doctoral education as well as education at Bachelor and Master level. Several of the courses are part of educational programmes at the University of Gothenburg. 

Job assignments

The purpose of this position is postgraduate education. This includes, in accordance with a compulsory individual study plan and in collaboration with the supervisor(s), to formulate and carry through a doctoral disseration and complete a number of post graduate courses. The postgraduate student is expected to be active in the research environment and the daily activities at the Unit. The Department encourages and supports, given available funding, that parts of the training can be carried out at another national or international University.

Besides postgraduate training, 5-20 percent departmental assignment is included (e.g. teaching or administration), which will extend the employment period correspondingly.


Entry requirements for third-cycle (doctoral) programmes require both general and specific eligibility.

The general entry requirements for third-cycle (doctoral) programmes are:

  1. Academic degree at advanced (Master's) level or,
  2. completed at least 240 higher education (HE) credits for courses of which at least 60 HE credits are awarded in the second-cycle; or
  3. equivalent knowledge, acquired either in Sweden or abroad.

In addition, the specific requirements for admission to the third-cycle programme in Human Geography at the University of Gothenburg also requires completed 90 HE credits in Human Geography/Geography, of which at least 15 HE credits are made up of an examination thesis at advanced level in Human Geography, or in a closely related discipline.

The position requires well developed language skills in Swedish and/or English, both in speech and writing. If the selected candidate does not master Swedish at the time of appointment, the person is expected to learn Swedish.

This opportunity has expired. It was active previously under this link

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June 24, 2019