United Nations-Mandated Summer School Programme, 13 June - 22 July 2016, Costa Rica

Publish Date: Apr 18, 2016

Event Dates: from Jun 13, 2016 12:00 to Jul 22, 2016 12:00

The University for Peace was established as a Treaty Organization with its own Charter in an International Agreement adopted by the General Assembly in resolution 35/55 of 5 December 1980, and has the mission:

"to provide humanity with an international institution of higher education for peace and with the aim of promoting among all human beings the spirit of understanding, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence, to stimulate cooperation among peoples and to help lessen obstacles and threats to world peace and progress, in keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations".

India is a State Party to the International Agreement Establishing the University for Peace. Given the mandate of the University, the ratification by India of the International Agreement, and the important role which India plays in global affairs, this summer school program seeks to enhance the university’s engagement with students and professionals from India.

Description of the Programme

The 21st century is described as the age of globalization, a phenomenon that is increasingly affecting human beings in every aspect of their lives. While globalization has undoubtedly resulted in significant economic and social integration at the global level, the pace at which it is occurring has also brought with it several unintended consequences for the respect and promotion of human rights, human security, and human development, at other levels. The critical challenge facing the present world order, therefore, lies in ensuring that the vehicles of globalization are oriented towards the development and promotion of human rights, through appropriate laws, policies, and actions. This summer program will introduce students to the major themes and debates concerning these different linkages between globalization and human rights/human security/human development, and explore the new streams of critique that have enabled a confluence as well as a questioning of the interface between these concepts.

Several of the themes relevant to the contemporary world will be covered in this program. These include international peace and security, rule of law, protection of human rights and promotion of human security, climate change governance, the sustainable development goals, gender equality, regulation of international trade and finance, international cooperation in development, corporate responsibility and accountability, public health governance, forced migration, traditional knowledge, and intellectual property rights, multiculturalism, the role of media, the role of civil society, amongst others. The program will adopt an approach whereby promotion of human rights and the rule of law will be central to the learning. Contemporary global issues threatening the stability of our planet will be discussed. The course will be taught by the resident faculty of UPEACE and invited experts.


  1. Online Application Form
  2. Graduate participants must submit scanned or fax copy of the undergraduate degree
  3. Undergraduate participants must submit an undergraduate transcript
  4. English Language Proficiency Test Reportis required for all participants from non-English-speaking countries. The following English Proficiency Tests are accepted:




    Band of 7

    Paper based TOEFL (PBT)


    Computer based TOEFL (CBT)


    Internet Based TOEFL (IBT)


  5. Curriculum Vitae or Résumé: participants need to send their CV or Résumé by e-mail
  6. Scanned/Faxed passport copy: Participants must provide a clear passport copy that shows the following information: name, photo, birth date, place of birth, issuance, and expiration date.

Course cost*: US$4,800
It includes room, excursions, and program-related costs.
Course fee does not include airfare, textbooks, meals, or personal expenses.
*Special fees available for Costa Rican citizens/residents, and UN staff members.

UPEACE can provide assistance in finding housing in Ciudad Colón or nearby areas.

This opportunity has expired. It was offered by upeace.org

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