Training course “Business Diagnostics for Consulting” for Management Consultants, Yerevan

Publish Date: Apr 25, 2015

Deadline: May 12, 2015

Event Dates: from May 20, 2015 12:00 to May 22, 2015 12:00

EBRD Small Business Support Armenia and IMC Armenia organize Business Diagnostics for Consulting” training course for Management Consultants

Training details:  From preliminary understanding of client's problem or opportunity to thorough diagnostics of core problem with roots and causes, or exploring a real opportunity, learning how to deliver high quality advice in line with industry standards. Held in Yerevan on 20-22 May 2015 (three full days), this course gives a complete overview of business diagnostics for consulting.

Know how to deliver advice that businesses will pay for. This course will help to:

  • Understand small and medium-sized businesses' typical problems; 
  • Identify appropriate frameworks, methods and analytic, quantitative and interpretive tools for client assessment;
  • Receive hands-on experience in selecting and applying a range of diagnostic tools for specific consulting area;
  • Develop skills in information management, quality management and ethical practices; 
  • Interpret and prioritize information to draw meaningful analyses and provide recommendations;
  • Learn how to effectively communicate problems and solutions to clients;
  • Gain and apply EFQM Excellence Model 2013 offered by the British Quality Foundation to diagnose client's problems.

The course is tailored to an individual experience in business diagnostics. Some reading is required prior to starting the class. The courses are interactive and discussion based, with a focus on practical tools. The trainers are all experienced practitioners, who know how to put diagnostic theory into practice.

The training will be delivered by Marina Poghosyan and Samvel Gevorgyan from IMC Armenia, who have been selected by the EBRD because they are experienced practitioners and competent trainers receiving positive feedback from previous course participants.

The training course fee is 68,000 AMD. The price includes a licensed copy of EFQM Excellence Model 2013 offered by the British Quality Foundation (, training hand-out materials, refreshments and a follow-up workshop session provided two months after the course. The course materials will be in English language.

The Training Agenda is attached.

To participate, please, send a most recent CV to: and by the deadline (12 May 2015, COB).

ABOUT COMPANY:  At the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the company does not just provide finance. It also provides business advice to small and medium-sized businesses in 25 countries, working with more than 6000 consultants and over 1500 international experts. EBRD believes that businesses need professional know-how to grow and stay competitive. But the company also knows how important it is for consultants to keep broadening their expertise so they can offer truly best-in-class solutions to their clients. The Grow Your Consulting Business Training Series is a set of training courses that shares essential skills, resources and techniques for effective and impactful consulting, as well as for running a successful consulting business. So, whether the candidates are an expert looking to use your knowledge as a professional consultant, a young consultant seeking to build up skills, a senior member of a consulting firm eager to learn about new specializations or the owner of a consulting business seeking to enhance the business model, get the training to step up the game.

The trainers:

Marina Poghosyan and Samvel Gevorgyan are the founders of the Institute of Management Consulting Armenia (IMC Armenia). The Institute is working towards setting the standards for Business/ Management Consulting practice, promoting International best practices and sharing knowledge in Armenia. Marina and Samvel have been selected by EBRD to deliver the courses in Armenia. They have successfully carried out training courses on Core Consultancy Skills in Armenia since 2012, helping 38 local management consultants to receive the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCE) qualification from the UK Institute of Consulting and four management consultants to become members of the UK Institute of Consulting.

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