The Global Addictest Fellowship Program, Rabat, Morocco

Publish Date: Nov 17, 2016

About the fellowship

The Global Addictest Fellowship (GAF) Program serves to enhance the learning experiences of the students at Addictest Center in Rabat, Morocco. GAFs are highly-motivated recent college graduates, or gap year students, with an interest in education. GAFs undergo teacher training with an emphasis on working with our high-school students applying to american universities. All the work you will be doing will be in English. 

Being a GAF is an opportunity for recent graduates to gain teaching experience and make an impact. You will get to coach and accompany motivated high-school students. You will see them make it to college, all while in the beautiful Morocco. There are two options: a one year full time position or two years full time position. This is an opportunity to culturally immerse yourself in Morocco. Other perks include learning/reinforcing french or arabic.

While GAFs’ activities vary, common services that GAFs provide are to lead in-class writing workshops, SAT prep, counseling students, facilitate small-group discussions, hold one-on-one meetings with students, and organize review and study sessions.

Our center is youth driven. The center has started and is being run by individuals whose age ranges from 21 to 29 years old. You will be joining a team of highly motivated individuals who are excited about what they do. Our team dynamics are great and there is a fantastic friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

In addition to their academic support role, GAFs work on Institutional Enrichment Projects (IEPs) in areas throughout the center. Various tasks in offices such as student’s extracurriculars, center expansion and data analytics are available. These IEPs give GAFs a more rounded view of education administration and programming, allowing them to develop skills which will prepare them for future leadership in the educational field and elsewhere.

Throughout their tenure at Addictest, GAFs also have access to resources for independent professional growth and receive substantial support for their development as educators and emerging scholars.

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  • Full time paid position.
  • Opportunity to make an impact on people’s life. Almost like an improved paid volunteer position
  • Subsidized housing and food.
  • Complementary classes in Arabic or French


The application process is on a rolling basis. Please send your CV and cover letter to

How long is the program? 

There are two options: Either a 1 year program or two years. We are quite flexible. We welcome extensions from 1 year to 2 years, but do not guarantee it unless you join us for 2 years from the start. Scaling back from 2 years to 1 year is possible but will be on a case by case situation.

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