The Central Eurasian Studies Society Book Award 2017 Shortlist

Opportunity Cover Image - The Central Eurasian Studies Society Book Award 2017 Shortlist

Announcement of the 2017 Book Award Shortlist

The shortlist for the CESS book award is announced.  The 2017 award will be awarded to a book in history and humanities published in 2015 or 2016. 

The short-listed books are:

Brophy, David. 2016. Uyghur Nation: Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Epkenhans, Tim. 2016. The Origins of the Civil War in Tajikistan: Nationalism, Islamism, and Violent Conflict in Post-Soviet Space. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Gould, Rebecca. 2016. Writers and Rebels: The Literature of Insurgency in the Caucasus. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Khalid, Adeeb. 2015. Making Uzbekistan: Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Lee, Joo-Yup. 2016. Qazaqlïq, or Ambitious Brigandage, and the Formation of the Qazaqs: State and Identity in Post-Mongol Central Eurasia. Leiden: Brill.

Scott, Erik R. 2016. Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora and the Evolution of Soviet Empire. New York: Oxford University Press.

Nunan, Timothy. 2016. Humanitarian Invasion: Global Development in Cold War Afghanistan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Kassymbekova, Botakoz. 2016. Despite Cultures: Early Soviet Rule in Tajikistan. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Jacobson-Tepfer, Esther. 2015. The Hunter, the Stag, and the Mother of Animals: Image, Monument, and Landscape in Ancient North Asia. New York: Oxford University Press.

The book award panel is comprised of Jesse Driscoll, Maya Peterson, and Wendell Schwab, with David Montgomery acting as the non-voting chair. 

The winner of the award will be announced at the CESS Annual Conference, October 5-8, 2017, at the University of Washington in Seattle. 

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July 26, 2017
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