The Bronislaw Malinowski Award in Social Science 2016

Publish Date: Sep 05, 2016

Deadline: Dec 15, 2016


The Bronislaw Malinowski Award is presented to an outstanding social scientist in recognition of efforts to understand and serve the needs of the world's societies and who has actively pursued the goal of solving human problems using the concepts and tools of social science during one's entire career. Each nomination should follow the criteria for selection set forth by the SfAA.
The nominees should be of senior status, widely recognized for their efforts to understand and serve the needs of the world through the use of social science. The nominees should be strongly identified with the social sciences. They may be within the academy or outside of it, but their contributions should have implications beyond the immediate, the narrowly administrative, or the political.

The Awardee should be willing and able to deliver an address at the annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology. The nominees should include individuals who reside or work outside of the United States.


Each nomination should include:

  • A detailed letter of nomination that describes the accomplishments of the nominee in relation to the criteria of the Award. The letter of nomination would normally have several authors and signatories.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae.
  • Letters of support (no more than three). Letters of support should supplement and complement the letter of nomination. In general letters of support discuss one or more aspects of the nominee’s career with more detail or data than the letter of nomination. These letters should be gathered by the nominator(s) and enclosed with the package.
  • A sample (maximum of five) of products which may include, but are not limited to, traditional scholarly writing. Products may include publications, policy reports, speeches, videos, promotional campaigns, policies, laws, or other products that are rooted in social science but may be broader than the traditional journal article or scholarly book, publications representing the candidate’s best work. We discourage the submission of bound books and suggest instead that the nominator(s) send a copy of the title page, table of contents, and a representative chapter. The packet may also include (within reason) copies of the title page and tables of contents of additional journal articles, manuals, and/or applied reports.


Nominations are valid for five years from the date of nomination. Remember that making a nomination requires more than just suggesting the name to a committee member. Please note the requirements spelled out above. This is an important award and deserves the attention of every member of our society.

Nominations should be sent to the Chair as soon as possible. The deadline for nominations is December 15. You might also encourage others to get involved in the nomination process by nominating someone else or furnishing a letter of support.

Please send all nominations to: Chair, Malinowski Award Committee, SfAA, P.O. Box 2436, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2436. Email:

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