Summer School - CEEL program in Adaptive Economic Dynamics, 15 - 26 June 2015, Trento, Italy


April 23, 2015

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - CEEL program in Adaptive Economic Dynamics, 15 - 26 June 2015, Trento, Italy

Description of the school

Improved measures have yielded a better understanding of domestic and international patterns of inequality. But whether increased inequality undermines economic performance remains a controversial question. This school will address the most critical questions. How does inequality affect economic performance? What is the empirical evidence of these effects? What explains the declining share of the middle class? How might policy make growth more inclusive? Do the causes of inequality differ between developed and developing countries? What policies might both improve economic performance and reduce inequality?

During the school, students will also have an opportunity to present their own work and receive comments from faculty.

The ideal candidates for the School are Ph.D. students, post-doctoral fellows, and newly minted researchers in macroeconomics, finance; and the economics of organizations and institutions. People interested in participating in the Summer School are encouraged to fill in the application form on line and are asked to submit a curriculum vitae, a two-page essay describing their interest on Inequality and the Changing Distribution of Income, a course transcript from their PhD program, including advanced examinations passed, two letters of recommendation, and statements about their current or projected research, along with relevant research papers, if any.

Applications are due by 23 April 2015. Admissions decisions will be announced by 4 May 2015. All applicants will be informed by e-mail about the results.
The sessions will be held at Hotel Villa Madruzzo, Trento, Italy. All participants are required to stay for the entire duration of the event. Food and accommodation will be covered by the School (except for meals during the weekend) and participants will have to cover travel expenses.
Please direct logistical questions to the Summer School secretary (


This is the 16th of a series of intensive courses to be offered by the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL) with the financial support of:


Previous courses were offered in Computable Economics (2000, Director K. Vela Velupillai), Experimental Economics (2001, Director Daniel Friedman), Adaptive Economic Processes (2002, Director Peter Howitt), Behavioral Economics (2003, Directors Daniel Friedman and David Laibson), Institutional Economics (2004, Director Richard N. Langlois), Evolutionary Economic Dynamics (2005,Directors Ken Binmore and Larry Samuelson), Agent-Based Computational Economics (2006, Directors Leigh Tesfatsion and Robert Axtell), Agent-Based Finance (2007, Directors Cars Hommes and Thomas Lux), Financial Instability and Crises (2008, Directors Domenico Delli Gatti and Mauro Gallegati), Networks and Innovation (2009, Directors John Padgett, Lee Fleming and Massimo Riccaboni), Macroeconomics and Financial Crises (2010, Directors Peter Howitt, Daniel Heymann and Axel Leijonhufvud), Evolution of Social Preferences (2011, Directors Dan Friedman and Luigi Mittone), Market Design: Theory and Pragmatics (2012, Directors Dan Friedman and David Parkes), Modularity and Design for Innovation (2013, Richard Langlois) and Financial Crises (2014, Axel Leijonhufvud and Daniel Heymann).

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April 15, 2015