Shandong University China Studies International Summer School 2017, China

Publish Date: May 24, 2017

Deadline: Jul 31, 2017

Guidebook for “China Studies” International Summer School (CSISS) 2017

Thank you for choosing the International Summer School at Shandong University (SDU). We look forward to your enrollment in the units of study that we offer in the periods between regular semesters.
To ensure your successful and convenient start at Shandong University, we will provide you with detailed information on visa application, pick-up service upon arrival, course selection, program fees and optional tours payment, scholarships, and accommodation.
Please read this guide carefully, and follow the procedures to avoid unnecessary delay in your arrival to Shandong University.


1)  CSISS2017 provides “China Studies” courses plus a series of lectures. All courses and lectures will be taught in English.
2)  Lectures will focus on the introduction of China Studies from a variety of perspectives. If you want to explorer further on any topic, you can choose a complete course on that topic.
3)  Participants are required to attend the courses and lectures, and the program will confer 2 academic credits after you pass the examinations at the end of CSISS2017.
4)  Students who wish to transfer CSISS program credits are advised to consult with appropriate academic officials at their home institution before the program begins.


1) Program fees are structured as follows:

Registration fee 400 RMB (Appx. USD 65)
Tuition fee 7,000 RMB (Appx. USD 1,100)
Accommodation 1,400 RMB (Appx. USD 220)
Course materials and student card 200 RMB (Appx. USD 35)

2) You may pay the above fees on site at Shandong University International Student Center office on Monday, July 31. Please pay in cash and in RMB. You may also pay with bank card (Only Unionpay accepted). Traveler’s checks, and overseas currencies are NOT accepted.
3) If you prefer to transfer your program fees, please transfer to the university bank account with the information as follows:
Bank Name: Bank of China, Licheng Branch(中国银行济南历城支行)
Bank Account No. : 244206255768
Address: 27 Shanda Nanlu, Licheng district, Jinan city, China(中国济南市历城区山大南路27号)
Telephone: +86-531-88364854
4) Scholarship winners from Shandong University’s partner universities will be exempted from such payment.
5) The cost for the optional tours to other cities such as Mt. Tai and Qufu, Beijing or Qingdao, etc., is not included in the program fees. Participants will submit their preferences on optional tours on July 31 and make payments on site accordingly.
6) Students will be responsible for any additional costs of the program, including insurance, travel, visa fees and their own daily living expenses (food, commuting, etc). Average daily expenses are estimated to be 100 RMB.
7) All participants MUST purchase travel insurance before traveling to China. The insurance must include medical insurance and personal accident insurance.
8) All participants will be responsible for medical expenses incurred during their stay in China. Any participants who wish to stay in China before or after the program are responsible for associated expenses and personal safety. Shandong University bears no responsibility for your private activities unrelated to the Program.
1) We have arranged on-campus accommodations for all participants. However, your preferred room type may not be available. Housing will be available from July 28 to August 12, 2017.
Office Phone: +86 (0)531-88365855
2) Participants who do not use, and arrive independent of, the airport pick-up service should check in at “LIU YUAN (留园)” on SDU Central campus in Jinan on July 29-30, between 8:00am and 10:00 pm. Shandong University staff will welcome you in the lobby.


1) A limited number of scholarships for Summer School study are available. Currently, SDU Center of China Studies offers Mingde Scholarship and Academic Excellence Award. The Mingde Scholarship will be determined upon admission and the Academic Excellence Award will be evaluated based on participants’ performance during the summer school period.
2) Mingde Scholarship

Scholarship type Benefits
Mingde Scholarship A 100% of program fees
Mingde Scholarship B 50% of program fees
Mingde Scholarship C 20% of program fees

Both admission evaluation and Mingde Scholarship award evaluation will be conducted automatically and simultaneously. You do not need to submit scholarship application separately.
Students from Shandong University’s partner universities will be automatically granted Mingde Scholarship A. 
3) Academic Excellence Award

Scholarship type Benefits
Academic Excellence Award A 1000 RMB
Academic Excellence Award B 500 RMB
Academic Excellence Award C 300 RMB

All CSISS participants will be evaluated for the Academic Excellence Award based on their grades and class attendance.
Academic Excellence Award will be distributed at the farewell party.

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