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Queensland University of Technology Online Course - Kickstart Your Career: Getting Ahead at University

Publish Date: Jan 23, 2017

Kickstart Your Career: Getting Ahead at University

Thinking about our future, and where we want to be is exciting. At times it can also be a bit daunting. We keep hearing about changes to our world and the impact technology is having on work in the future. This is not a distant future either – it’s 2020 at the earliest, and some actually believe the changes are already here!

So how do we prepare ourselves for a future, a career, a profession that is unknown? And how do we establish our own edge, or value proposition in an uncertain employment landscape?

Throughout our lives we make career decisions over and over again. It’s a process of continual evolution and refinement, adapting ourselves to our environment, and refining the best aspects of ourselves, our skills, strengths, abilities and personal style, to the opportunities that arise.

If you’ve decided that a university degree is the first step to creating a satisfying and successful career, the next challenge is working out how to get the most from the university experience. A degree is a big investment, of both time and money, so you want to ensure that it helps you to achieve your goals.

This course provides a fun and interactive opportunity to explore what you really want for your future. Then you’ll be in a great position to choose best the activities, clubs and opportunities from all that’s on offer at university.

Starting here can help you get a head start whether you’re coming directly from high school or returning to study from work or vocational education. We can help you think through your study options, identify some of the career goals that are motivating you to study. This will prepare you to explore and plan opportunities to build your skills and capabilities towards your employment goals right from the moment you step onto campus.

After all, a degree won’t get you a job, but the experiences, learning and networks you build while you’re at university will.


No previous knowledge or skills are required for this course. Confidence in navigating the web would be an advantage.

We’ve estimated it takes approximately four hours to complete the course. However the activities in Week 1 may be new to you and take a little longer than two hours, whereas the activities in Week 2 are more decision based and may take less than two hours. Of course if you dive deeply into all of the activities you may spend longer on the course but you’ll learn a lot about yourself and careers in the process.

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