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Cracow University of Economics has five Faculties, all of which have full academic rights. These faculties - Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Faculty of Public Economy and Administration, Faculty of Finance and Law, Faculty of Commodity Science and Product Managament and Faculty of Management - consists of numerous Chairs and Departments, offers various study opportunities for students and professionals and conduct basic and applied research.

 In 1882, thanks to the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, industry and the Cracow congregation of merchants, the Municipal School of Trade was established. In 1896 the Higher Trade School was set up. In 1924 the Institute of Commodities was established at the Higher Trade School and a two-year commodity studies program was begun. This gave rise to the Higher College of Trade (HCT) in 1925.  On 1st October 1925 the co-founder and the first director of HCT conducted the inauguration of the first academic year. This moment is considered the birth of today's Cracow University of Economics.





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