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What we do?

What is now proved was once only imagined:
from childhood to old age, curiosity is the element that allows human beings to overcome their immediate limits, explore and expand the knowledge of their environment and their experience.

Science is the art of curiosity, advancing methodically in the pursuit of new knowledge and a better understanding of the Universe. It is the biggest human collective endeavor and it has shapen for better or worse the world we live in.
Each new hypothesis, each new approach, each new question, is a new piece in the construction of tomorrow’s society.

In 2007, the Basque Government launched Ikerbasque to help develop scientific research by attracting outstanding researchers and recovering talent for the region. Ikerbasque’s mission is to strengthen to strengthening science in the Basque Country in cooperation with research centres and universities and a commitment to excellence.

Since its creation, Ikerbasque aims to offer a stable and motivating platform from which scientists and Basque research institutions can continue asking new questions and contributing to the challenge of generating new knowledge.




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