ŁAŹNIA 3 Long Term Residency Projects - Urban Phenomena, Poland

Publish Date: Aug 31, 2016

Deadline: Sep 05, 2016


ŁAŹNIA CCA would like to provide 3 long-term residencies based on research and collaboration.  Selected artist in the process of the open-call will be asked to join forces with a local artist and together pursue issues related to urban phenomena. Locally engaged experts from different fields of activities such as sociologists, anthropologists, urban planners and activists will be there to support the artist in her / his research and undertakings according to one’s needs and indications. This long term residency will be divided into 5 stages each lasting approximately 1 month (to be discussed on individual terms) to be conducted between autumn 2016 and 2018.  
Proposed projects are expected to reflect and incorporate facets of the city and its social fabric, distinguishing its unique aspects. Residency will give space and time for the artists to be able to get critically engaged. Projects should be based on deep involvement built on a thorough research,  quest for new definitions, cultivation of visionary ideas for the future lives in metropoles.
Through the process of constructing a relationship with the local environment and its representatives, artists will be asked to demonstrate new and experimental approaches in relation to city theme based projects. This kind of long-term co-operation will aim at building a deeper understanding and means of investigating the local contemporaneity shaped by ways and practices of its users.

Currently New Port district is undergoing the process of revitalization reflecting the entire spectrum of related aspects, issues and problematics. We are therefore looking for works socially engaged and developed from a critical point of view. The aspect of reaching out to new audiences plays an important factor as well as ways and methods for building and sustaining a  public dialogue. Prior to the Open-Call, a diagnosis has been performed by researchers in order  to provide base and knowledge for the participating artists.

Residency period

- 1 month preparatory visit in autumn/winter 2016 (precise date to be set individually at a later stage)
- 3 x 1 month visit in 2017 (precise date to be set individually at a later stage)
- 1 month visit in 2018 (precise date to be set individually at a later stage)

ŁAŹNIA CCA will offer

- a space to live and work
- per diems (50 PLN/day) for all 5 residency periods
- artistic fee per person - inclusive of travel allowance, costs of living, insurance; total sum: 24 000 gross (-20% income tax) PLN paid in 5 parts connected to the 5 residency periods
- material costs fixed on individual basis according to the project
- assistant and an external expert supporting the residency project
- support of CCA ŁAŹNIA team throughout the term in residence.


Application deadline: 05.09.2016
Please email to rezydencje@laznia.pl the documentation mentioned below (pdf format in one zip file) with your name in the title:

- artist’s statement mentioning main points of focus in your work (1500 words maximum)
- description of the work you plan to carry out during your stay at CCA ŁAŹNIA
- artist’s CV
- 10 work samples (or links to your works / website)

Please note

- there are no limitations nor preferences in relation to such factors as country of origin, age, media, etc.
- applicants should be reasonably fluent in English (spoken and written).
- for further information please contact rezydencje@laznia.pl

Information about Artecitya project

Residency project takes place in the frames of Artecitya project supported by the European program Creative Europe 2014−2020. It is a Europe-wide project bringing together artists, architects, town planners and citizens to re-create the cities we want to live in. The priority is to stimulate a vigorously innovative approach to the concept of urban life taking into account the sociological evolution and people's needs.

Artecitya groups 9 co-organizers from around Europe (Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovenia) devoted to planning and developing towns and cities particularly regarding their architectural and artistic content. Working side by side for several years on a rigorous programme of activity, the partners have obtained practical experience and developed methods of intervening in urban development directly involving artists, architects, town planners and the local populations.

Information about CCA Laznia

The Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art was is a public cultural institution established in 1998. Its mission is to show and promote contemporary art as a means of expressing universal values, and an element of world cultural heritage. The centre does so by presenting the latest developments in contemporary art, showing the process of change that art is undergoing, engaging cultural and social phenomena taking place around the world, and educating in relation to these issues. Both Lower Town and Nowy Port districts where the CCA Łaźnia branches are located are a part of local revitalisation plan. One of the aim of the gallery is to engage strategies of contemporary art in the renewal processes of the neighbourhood. Doing so we are especially interested in the social impact of different artistic activities. The gallery programme is based on one hand on the analyses of issues of state of contemporary art, on the other on interrogation of culture and education immersed in a social context.

The entire 3rd floor of the newly rebuilt former bathhouse building in New Port district of Gdańsk is dedicated to artists. The building consists also of a gallery, cinema, library and workshop space, that can be all used by the artists according to their needs. The living accommodation provides potential for many types of Art based activities to take place such as discussions, film screenings and social events.

Programme of artist residencies and research is a relatively new area of activities in Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art. Invited artists go in line with the main programs of the institution - art in public space, Art & Science, initiating international exchange and dialogue. Residency program is aimed at Polish and international artists. One of its main objectives is to open space for creative dialogue. While developing individual residencies it is important for us to build a network of collaboration with artists from other disciplines, local communities, scientists and representatives of other industries.

One of the main areas of CCA Łaźnia residency programme are projects that relate to socially engaged activities. The point of departure is to turn upside down the asymmetrical relationship between a creator and the recipient. The invited artists examine the role of art public and stimulate the changes by engaging them at every stage of their work.
Artecitya project supported by the European program Creative Europe 2014−2020.

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