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Job - Database Developer, Armenian Caritas, Shirak Region

Publish Date: Oct 11, 2017

Deadline: Oct 20, 2017

Database Developer   

Time frame:  October  2017 –  November 2017

Location:  Armenia, Shirak Region

Starting date:   October, 2017


This ToR defines the modalities and deliverables of the  task  that is to be carried out for the purposes of the project titled “Community Action for Full Inclusion in Education “, funded by European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Caritas Austria.

Armenian Caritas (AC) with partnership of “National Association of School Parent Council Members” NGO (NASPCM) implements a project “Community Action for Full Inclusion in Education”. The overall objective of the project is as follows: “Children with disabilities who are currently out of education enjoy their human rights for inclusive education, as specified in the article 24 of UNCRPD”.

Within the framework of the project a software should be developed to fill in information about  children  with disabilities outside of education, who are identified  within the framework of the project.

About Armenian Caritas

The Armenian Caritas Benevolent Organization was established in May 1995. The establishment of Armenian Caritas in the North of Armenia, Shirak Region, Gyumri city was initiated by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Armenian Catholic Church to deliver direct assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the society. Armenian Caritas is a non-governmental organization registered in the RA Ministry of Justice.

The mission of Armenian Caritas is: “Serve different vulnerable groups with love and compassion, respecting the dignity of each individual”.

Armenian Caritas is a strong and significant role player in consolidation of social justice and social protection in the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian Caritas sees itself as the expression and an instrument of charity of the Armenian Catholic Church. Accordingly, Armenian Caritas seeks to organize and implement humanitarian and charitable actions in favor of persons and social groups living under difficult conditions without religious, national or racial discriminations. Moreover, Armenian Caritas views itself as an important force in actively promoting the democratic and developmental changes in Armenia. Armenian Caritas strives to work with families, uphold family values, and empower parents to be involved in healthy parenting values.

Armenian Caritas implements 46 projects in 4 regions of Armenia: Lori, Gegharkunik, Ararat, Shirak and Yerevan. Annually it reaches 150,000 people living in poverty.

Objectives of the Assignment

The assignment combines  development of  software to fill in information about  children  with disabilities outside of education, who are identified  within the framework of the project, i.e.personal information about  the child, his/her   disability condition, assessment of the environment and options to receive quality education.

The expected outcome is that children with disabilities who are currently out of education in the region of Shirak will not only be recorded but also assessed in full with identification and analysis of the concrete impediments and possibilities to be consequently referred, so that they may receive quality education in their neighbourhood mainstream schools.

The output will be a software programme (Roster).

Detailed Tasks and Expected output:

The person in coordination with the team leader will undertake the following tasks:

Major considerations should include

  • Gather, archive, retrieve of information of up to 120  project beneficiaries disaggregated by sex,
  • Develop a beneficiary profile which includes  beneficiary name, age, type of disability, support of therapy received, school, school attendance;  address, including household profile, photo, family information, family income, location ( region, urban, rural) etc.
  • Develop a project database which incorporates indicator and activity wise data entry and reporting sheets. Work with existing data collection tools and fit into those tools into database
  • Develop digital forms in such a way so that it can automatically include date and time, location of data collection,  data collector name, cell number.
  • The consultant will ensure the digital forms are  conveninet for  collecting data that is useful for decision making processes and reporting
  • Provide training to the data collectors.

Objectives and scope

  • The solution should provide different levels of access to the database: administrator, read, write.
  • The solution should enable users to insert, update  and delete records in database tables.
  • The solution should enable users to transfer data from other databases and Excel files to the project database, and to export data into other formats, including but not limited to Excel and csv.  
  • The solution should enable users to perform operations including but not limited to the basic four operations, merging/demerging dimensions, handling data qualifiers, conditional operations.
  • The solution should include a macro language that allows if conditions and loops plus all the data manipulation functions listed above, with a recording engine, macro management tools (create, save, delete, load, change) and documentation.
  • The solution should allow the display of data as time series in an Excel-based environment and all the functionalities listed above.
  • The solution should allow the data transfer between the internal and external databases.
  • The solution should include a log of all changes to the records in the database that can be used as a "restoration table" to undo changes that were made.
  • The developer of the solution should provide all the tools, training and maintenance necessary for the effective use of the solution, including but not limited to: system usage guides, trainings for administrators, developers and users, system documentation, system maintenance contracting, system support  and system upgrades.
  • The solution should enable users to attach scanned information.
  • The solution should enable users to an  on-line,  parallel  work opportunity.
  • The solution should enable users to encode children's full name.  
  • The solution should enable users to an overall dynamic image.
  • The solution should enable users to  search functionality.

Key Qualifications

    1. Proven experience in designing, developing and maintaining database
    2. Proven experience in developing database for a large number of project beneficiaries
    3. Proven success in all stages of database development from conception to execution;
    4. Experience and knowledge of various web programs (PHP, MS SQL, My SQL Server, MS Access, web hosting);
    5. Capable in designing and development of the single entry on-line interface at customer end for social development project
    6. Ability and willingness to conduct regular troubleshooting field
    7. Experience and link in web-hosting
    8. Ability to maintain deadlines and confidentiality

OPENING DATE:  11 October,  2017

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  20  October, 2017


In order to participate in the tender process, the bidder should submit its proposal e-mail to the office of Caritas Armenia: and CC to,   by  20  October, 2017 , in accordance with the data provided at the end of this  TOR.

The technical proposal should have the following characteristics (in English and Armenian ):

  1. Cover indicating:
  • Company name, person, team, etc.
  • Contact details for the  applicant
  • Work experience citing any similar  work done over the last three years
  1. Technical proposal  to include:
  • Detailed CVs of the members of the team who will carry out the task
  1. Working methodology
  • Preliminary proposal
  1. Work schedule,
  2. Budget, to include:
  • All expenses incurred in the carrying-out of the  task and proposed payment terms
  • Financial bid, broken down into as much detail as possible
  • If applicable, include VAT

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

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