International Poster Contest - No Barries 2016

Publish Date: Oct 14, 2016

Deadline: Oct 26, 2016

About the Contest

No Gags wants to make an international campaign, where we prove that we will have a better future if we put all of our effort to abolish the barriers we have built among ourselves.

For this reason, we want to make a design contest where the inspiration is to overcome barriers between human beings: What is it that makes unite us as humanity? Or, what is the biggest barrier between races? The call is to get inspired with whatever you think is the answer for this!

We know that, through the years, we have created barriers by judging people who think differently, whether by religion, physical appearance, sexual preference, their nationality, among many other things. Therefore, we want to show everyone that, throughout artistic expressions, we are capable to overcome this and be the change we want to see in the world.


  1. May participate all designers, graphic artists, plastic or visual artists without restriction of age, sex or nationality. Each participant can send up to 5 posters.
  2. Shall be registered at from July 26, 2016. Please see our privacy notice before registering. Registration will remain open until October 24 the same year.
  3. Should send the posters through the same website in the measure: 2953 x 4134 pixels at 150 dpi in RGB (50 x 70 cm at 150 dpi in RGB). IN VERTICAL FORMAT. The posters are sent without complying with this requirement will be disqualified and lose the opportunity to go to the jury process.
  4. Posters shall not include signing, pseudonyms or credits of the author. They may not be posted on personal pages, blogs, social networks or any type of digital media before publication of results, this in order that your poster is not copied.
  5. Posters shall not include logos of third parties:
    businesses, services, products or organizations. Participants should be responsible for the origin of the work, and to include unoriginal or other people’s work or, shall enjoy the authorization of the creator of the latter. The posters submitted must be relevant to brief to be considered for participation. The posters that do not meet this criterion will be excluded from the competition at the discretion of the jury.

6. The pre-selection committee will select the finalists that will be evaluated by the international jury.The international jury will select winning entries to form part of a traveling exhibition and poster publication of a printed catalog. First five places at the discretion of the jury will be awarded. The catalog will be distributed free of charge to first five places selected participants, asking only cover the shipping charges. The results will be released on December 10, 2016 through Sin Mordaza -No Gag- social networks and at page. The winning posters will be exhibited in the city of Caracas. All information about the awards, publication of the catalog and exhibition will be announced our page.

No clamp unit gives no prize money or material goods.

7. Sin Mordaza -No Gag- is a non-profit foundation, the participant gives the exhibition rights, dissemination and replication across the page No Gag, print or electronic media and exhibitions for education, promotion, dissemination and collection funds for all activities related to this contest.

8. Each participant retains full rights of authorship and will always be credited in publications and relevant technical data sheets. The organizers will not use the designs for commercial purposes without prior consent and authorization from the respective authors.

9. Sin Mordaza -No Gag- can not necessarily agree with the opinions and views expressed on posters, remain the exclusive responsibility of the authors only and. Any situation not exposed in this call will be resolved by mutual agreement between the jury and the organizing committee.

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