International Grant Program Emerging Artists 2017/18, Germany

Publish Date: Apr 05, 2017

Deadline: May 15, 2017

The International Grant Program Emerging Artists of the Lepsien Art Foundation offers a lot of benefits and at the same time maximum flexibility.

Every year in fall starts a new grant program for international emerging artists. The Lepsien Art Foundation asbl offers 5 studio scholarships in the Art House in Düsseldorf. The main focus is on the following disciplines : painting, sculpture and photo.

Please don’t hesitate to apply!


Every year, exceptionally qualified and gifted artists, primarily of the younger generation, working in the disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography can apply for the participation in the Lepsien Art Foundation asbl International Grant Program “Emerging Artists”.

Create your own grant year

The program is built on the intention to bring artists together and to give them the opportunity to jointly communicate, exchange ideas and perspectives and extend their network. The grant program is also counting on the self-initiative of the respective artist to organize himself and to work together with the other grant holders during the term of the program on several measures defined therein.

Letter of recommendation & certificate

Upon request the grant holder receives at the end of the grant year a written confirmation in the form of a certificate. If necessary and upon request, individual letters of recommendation, can be issued for the application to other scholarships or grant programs.

12 months runtime

The Grant Year runs for 2 semesters of each 6 months. The total runtime is 12 months.
The Grant Year 17/18 starts on 1st of September 2017 and ends 31st of August 2018.

Move-in Art House Düsseldorf

The month of September is the transition month, where the grant holder will stepwise move into the premises starting from begin/mid of the month (or later if required).

Studio space

The facilities are located in the Art House in the centre of  Düsseldorf.
The concrete address is Mülheimerstr. 25, 40239 Düsseldorf, Germany. It can be reached easily by train or bus within a couple of minutes from the main train station.

The Art House is hosting the studio space for the International Grant Program as well as the Serigraphy workshop “Boll-Werk” as well as further studios rented to international artists. If you would like to check out who is currently working there please have a look at the website Art House. 

Open space

The studios for the grant program are generally built as a flexible group studio space without separate rooms. For photographers no dedicated studio is set up – they can use all common facilities all the time and will have a set of keys for the same. All artists will work together in the studios and interact and communicate through that.

The studio space areas are on two floors. In the ground floor the studio space will also be used during the group exhibition at the end of the year, so the floor has to be covered/protected in terms of the work process in particular for painting and sculpture. This section cannot be locked separately and thus is open and accessibly for all artists. The lower floor studio space offers around 4 meter high ceilings. All studio spaces receive daylight through side windows. In the lower floor other artists are having their studio space and the serigraphy workshop is located there as well.

Water connection is given on both levels and can be used by all artists. Electricity is given in all studios in sufficient dimension. Two separate man/women bathrooms (no showers) are located in the ground floor and will be used by all artists. All rooms are having heaters and can be heated to room temperature and thus used during the whole wintertime. In the entrance area on the ground floor a common social area with a large table (for working on, meeting, eating etc.), a sofa/lounge area as well as kitchen facilities is given, to be used from everybody freely. The Lepsien Art Foundation asbl will dedicate working space to the grant holders and is free to reallocate in case of necessity.

Serigraphy production

Located within the facility and directly connected to the group studio space in the lower floor is the Serigraphy production facility “Boll-Werk”, one of the oldest art screen printing and serigraphy production companies in Düsseldorf, fully specialised in Serigraphy production and high quality art editions. The “Boll-Werk” works together with the Lepsien Art Foundation asbl in a close cooperation sine many years. Mr. Hermann Boll, who is leading the workshop, is also the central contact person for the art house facilities. So in terms of any questions related to the facilities he can be contacted. He is usually in the art house Monday to Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

The artist’s editions as part of the scholarship program will be produced by the “Boll-Werk” together with the grant holders.


For the exhibition the open area on the ground floor will be used.

Grant year 17/18.

Applications are welcome from 01. April 2017! 

Application phase: 01. April – 15. May 2017

Send your documents to:

Subject: “Application emerging artists 17/18″

Application requirement:

CV, portrait picture and PDF exposé/portfolio of your art works.

Please note that applications cannot be accepted if one or more of the above mentioned documents are missing.

For more information please click "Further Official Information" below.

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