Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective

Publish Date: Apr 28, 2016

Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective

Length: 6 weeks

Effort: 2-3 hours per week

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Level: Introductory

Languages: English

Learn how China and Chinese travelers play an important role in the global tourism and hospitality sector, and prepare for your first trip to China.

About this course

China is one of the world’s most populated countries and one of the largest markets with an increasingly powerful economy. As a result, China influences the world with its outbound travel, trade, politics and culture. China is a society transforming itself through economic development where travelling and tourism play an important role. Tourism is a vital part of the global economy and the number of Chinese travelers to overseas destinations is growing rapidly. For example, 1.8 million Chinese tourists visited the US and spent a whopping $21.1 billion in 2014. That number could top $80 billion by 2021, according to some industry analysts.

This course explores present and future development and trends in the tourism and hospitality business in China. It introduces the travel trends within and outside China from global perspectives. The political, economic, and social influence of tourism are examined from both hosts’ and guests’ point of view. 

This bilingual and interactive course helps you understand China’s tourism sector from its importance on the global scale to its local impacts. Understanding the country and its people will empower you to continue this conversation with Chinese travelers, or travel throughout China yourself.

What you'll learn

  • Tips and advice for travelers visiting China from tourism experts
  • How tourism businesses operate in China
  • The development of China’s tourism sector and future travel trends
  • The influence of China on global tourism
  • The economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impacts of tourism in China

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