Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Foundation Foreign and Security Policy Fellowship 2017

Publish Date: May 15, 2017

Deadline: Jun 02, 2017


HBF North America’s work on Foreign and Security Policy explores the challenges of transatlantic relations and particularly the cooperation of the US and the EU and its member states in international affairs. The program specifically focuses on democratic governance and conflict resolution in the European neighborhood. Journalists interested in applying for a media fellowship in this category should aim to contribute to a nuanced discussion on the future of transatlantic relations, particularly in the area of international security.

We ask applicants in this category to pitch stories related to the following questions:

  • Perception of Europe and its role in international affairs: Research could e.g. focus on:  How is Europe perceived by Americans particularly outside major US cities (e.g. as weak power, reliable US partner, or competitor in international affairs)? To what extent do Americans believe in the importance of a close alliance with Europe? This category applies for European journalists traveling to the US.
  • Implications of US troop reductions in Europe: Research could e.g. focus on: What are the consequences of the US troop reduction on the local level in Europe? For example, how has the presence of US troops in Europe shaped the image of the US? This category applies for US journalists traveling to Europe.


We offer an honorarium of $3500, partially paid in advance to cover all costs related to the project (travel, accommodation and board) and partially paid after completion of the reporting.  


We seek journalists with a strong track record of publications, working in any medium, who offer new perspectives on transatlantic policy debates. 
Eligible journalists should:
• be based in the US and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting in the European Union and/or Turkey.
• be based in an EU member state and demonstrate a strong motivation for engaging in research and reporting in the US.
Note: we do not require fellows to be citizens of either the US or the EU, however fellows are responsible for securing their own visas, if necessary. We can provide an offer letter to support the visa application process.
We will give special consideration: to journalists from regional or local media outlets who can demonstrate that transatlantic reporting is a new and important perspective for their audience and that their story ideas would be informative for regional or local policy debates; journalists from diverse backgrounds who can offer lesser-heard perspectives; journalists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to conduct transatlantic research.


A minimum of three stories: each fellow is expected to publish at least three stories, in any medium, within three months (not later than December 12th, 2017) of completing travel. Fellows must be able either to guarantee the publication of their pieces or to demonstrate a strong track record of publications. Fellows (and/or their employers) will retain full editorial control over the reporting. The Heinrich Böll Foundation will feature the final pieces on the HBS North America website following their publication.
Active social media engagement: while traveling and developing their stories, fellows are expected to actively engage with HBS North America over Facebook or Twitter.


Please read the application instructions carefully before submitting your application. We will not consider incomplete applications. A complete application consists of:

1. Resume: Please use a standard U.S. format. This means no picture, date of birth, marital or familial status, etc.

2. Cover Letter: A one-page document laying out your qualifications and experience.

3. Proposal: Please include the following three sections:

  • Story proposals: please include a short description of each story you plan to cover (about 200 words each). You do not need to have interviews confirmed, but you should indicate whom you plan to contact. Please also specify the language of publication, medium, audience, plans for publication, and whether you are able to translate stories into English or German if this is not the language of publication.
  • Travel Itinerary: please outline your dates of travel, destinations, and possible interviews in each location. Travel should be for 5 days and must be completed by September 30, 2017.
  • Social Media Engagement: briefly explain how you plan to engage with HBS North America in the course of your fellowship.
  • Work samples: please submit two work samples. If your previous work is not in English, German, Spanish, or French, please provide a brief summary of each of your work samples

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