Grants - Preservation or Restoration of American Films

Publish Date: Sep 02, 2015

Deadline: May 01, 2016

The Women's Film Preservation Fund, founded by New York Women in Film & Television, seeks proposals for the preservation or restoration of American films, from any era, in which women have held significant creative positions, including, but not limited to, writer, director, producer, editor and performerApplicants are encouraged to apply early so that we can check to make sure the application is complete.

The mission of the Women's Film Preservation Fund is to:

  • Identify and preserve Americans films in which women have played a significant creative role;
  • Present these restored films publicly as a way to increase awareness of women's contribution to the medium and the importance of film preservation;
  • Contribute to enhanced knowledge of the important role of women in film history; and,
  • Work with organizations with similar goals, sharing resources and information.

Individuals and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply. Grants will be reported for tax purposes. Organizations must submit evidence of tax-exempt status. Films may be of any length, on any subject matter and in any format or base.

Submission Deadline
The next application deadline is May 1, 2016.

Grant Amounts
Grants are usually under $10,000. Larger grants may be made. In-kind grants for up to $10,000 are also awarded from from Cineric, Inc. The grants may only be used for actual costs connected with the restoration/preservation, not for salaries or general administrative costs.

How to Apply
All applications must be submitted online.  The link to the online application is located on the right side of this page under the RELATED LINKS section.


Before applying for a WFPF grant, all applicants must have the physical film materials reviewed by a laboratory that can supply a financial estimate of the work needed.

SECTION I of the online application is a form with basic information about the project for which you are applying for funding. 

SECTION 2 of the online application provides the opportunity to upload the following required documents:

A.  A two to three-page statement that includes the following information:

  • A brief description of the subject/content of the film; 
  • Statement of the unique artistic, historic and/or educational value of the film; 
  • Background of the key creative women, including their other film works and their contribution to the art and industry of filmmaking; 
  • Present condition of the film; 
  • Evidence that film elements are unique and have not already been preserved; and 
  • Plans for making the film accessible after restoration. 

B. A Budget of estimated expenses, amount of this request, and plan for obtaining remaining funding.

C. Budget

D. Reviews and critiques of the film, if available (please submit no more than 5 pages of supporting materials per film).

E. Individuals and Organizations lacking suitable storage facilities
A letter from an established film archive or similar organization stating its ability and willingness to store the preserved material on deposit. (Upon request, the Women's Film Preservation Fund will suggest names of such archives to grantees who meet all other requirements).

For additional information, please call 212-679-0870, ext 39.

Selection Process

A panel of professional filmmakers, film historians, preservationists, curators, and educators will review all applications and award the grants.

Current panelists include: Ina Archer, Anne Morra, Marion Masone, and Catherine Wyler.

Criteria for selection includes:

  • Artistic, historic, cultural and/or educational importance of the film, especially its relation to the role of women in film history;
  • Significance of the key creative women in the production;
  • Evidence of the artistic and technical expertise of those planning and executing the project;
  • Urgency of the need to preserve the film;
  • Appropriateness of the budget for the proposed work;
  • Realistic plan for making the film available to professionals, scholars, and interested audiences.

Project Manager Requirement

The Preservation Fund requests that awardees appoint a Project Manager to oversee the preservation and restoration work on the picture through to completion. The Project Manager will serve as a contact person with the committee. Please provide the name, technical background, address, phone number, and email address of the Project Manager when returning the signed grant award agreement

Requisites for Selected Projects
Grant awardees must agree to the following requisites:

  • Presentation of Restored Films
    NYWIFT will have the right to screen the restored films for its own members and guests and be able to use the film for publicity. The Fund will make every effort to help grant recipients present the restored films in a manner that will reach a significant number of professionals, and in a context that will increase awareness of women's contributions to the industry.
  • Credit to NYWIFT
    Films receiving a WFPF grant must carry an on-screen credit line and logo (to be supplied) which should read as follows:

    Preservation of this film was made possible by a grant from the Women's Film Preservation Fund of New York Women in Film and Television.

    Placement of the credit will depend on the size of the grant and number of other funders.
  • Materials Provided to NYWIFT
    As soon as possible upon signing the contract for the grant, 3 photos from the work (at least 300 DPI) must be delivered to NYWIFT.

Upon completion of the restoration and preservation work, a standard DVD copy of the of the restored print must be delivered to NYWIFT, plus one of the following: a Blu-Ray Disc or an HD ProRes Quicktime file.

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