Grants Future2 Make the Difference 2016

Publish Date: Jul 14, 2016

Deadline: Aug 01, 2016

About program

Future2 reaches out to financial planning professionals who have the passion, commitment and social conscience to help young people who have had a tough start in life to realise their potential. Individually and collectively, financial planners raise funds, identify not-for-profits that are deserving of grants and give their time and skills to help kids at risk so that they can live productive, secure and fulfilling lives.

Since 2007 Future2 has committed $613,000 in grants to community not-for-profits. Through programs run by these organisations, we have helped to turn the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people from adversity to opportunity, from social exclusion to productive lives in the community.

Grant categories

  • One year grants of up to $10,000
  • Multi-year grants, with total value of up to $30,000 over three years.

Applications to receive grant funding are invited from organisations that have programs to address the needs of disadvantaged young Australians through:

  • Education, including skills training and leadership development.
  • Engagement, including mentoring and juvenile justice programs.
  • Employment, including work experience and job readiness training.
  • Wellbeing, including remedial programs for drug and alcohol dependence.
  • Independent living and social inclusion.


  • Charities with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status,
  • Registered charities,
  • Not-for-profit organisations (NFPs).

How to apply

The application may be completed online or entered into a Word template and submitted as a PDF attachment to email. The online application form may be saved for completion at a later date. The online link and the downloadable Word file can be found at original link.

  • Not-for-profits / Charities: Identify and make contact with a FPA member who is willing to nominate your application for a grant FPA member: Consider local not-for-profits / charities that you would like to nominate for a Future2 grant.
  • FPA member to complete section 1 of the application form. FPA member emails the application form to the not-for-profit / Charity.
  • Not-for-profit or charity completes section 2 of the application form. The details provided in your application enable us to assess eligibility and to decide whether or not your funding request should be shortlisted. You should find it relatively quick and easy to complete. We do not at this stage ask you to provide financial details or evaluation methodology.
  • FPA member or not-for-profit/charity submits the application form to Future2. All applications must be received by 12 pm (midday) on Monday 1 August 2016.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt - You will receive a confirmation note, for your online application, once the form is completed. Applications submitted as a PDF attachment to an email will be acknowledged by Future2 within 48 hours of receipt.

Judging criteria

Future2 seeks to support projects and programs that give a second chance and hope for a better future to young Australians who are socially or financially disadvantaged. Each application is assessed on its individual merit, with priority given to programs which:

  • Focus on young people aged 12-25 years who may be: in poverty, 2.homeless o at risk of juvenile justice or transitioning out of it, 3.intellectually or physically disabled, 4.socially isolated, in dysfunctional family situations, 6.fighting substance abuse.
  • Address specific problem areas in ways that enable disadvantaged young Australians to move towards productive and fulfilling lives (see grant categories above).
  • Are designed to impact directly those most in need.
  • Try to identify and deal with the cause of a problem, not simply treat the after-effects.
  • Will continue to have an impact and remain sustainable well beyond the period of our support and, if appropriate, have the capacity to become self-sustaining.
  • Could be extended or replicated so that they benefit an increasing number of young people.
  • Are measured and evaluated to show the progress of the program, its outcomes and impacts.
  • Involve or have the potential to involve financial planning professionals in volunteering, fundraising, pro bono advice, committees, etc.
  • May show evidence of collaboration with other agencies and organisations to implement or extend the reach of the project, or to share improved knowledge.
  • Are well-managed and prudently budgeted.

If your application is shortlisted (stage two), you will be invited to provide more information about your project and organisation. This may include copies of your latest annual report, financial statements, constitution, Deductible Gift Recipient certificate etc. Shortlisted applicants are also invited to submit video files of up to five minutes to support their written applications.

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