Free Software Foundation Europe Internship For International Applicants, Germany

Publish Date: Feb 25, 2016

Free Software Foundation Europe Internship For International Applicants

FSFE is a charitable non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Free Software. We are working to build freedom in digital society. We operate in a lively environment of numerous volunteers from many countries and several full-time employees.

At FSFE my time was always shared between learning and doing. When dealing with a task, I was encouraged to research background information and to understand the political questions underlying each issue. Curiosity is what an intern needs most. Lucile Falgueyrac, Intern 2013-2014

Working at the Free Software Foundation Europe lets you get close to an amazing variety of topics and tasks. This diversity brings a lot of technical, organisational, social and political experience and skills, which are great to have for any Free Software enthusiast. Nicolas Jean, Intern 2010-2011, Webmaster

FSFE is looking for smart, motivated interns to join our team. We offer

  • A truly challenging and exciting time with a dynamic NGO working internationally
  • A close-up view of organisational and community processes
  • A chance to take the initiative and put your ideas into practice
  • The opportunity to meet and work with Free Software advocates across Europe

What you'll do:

  • Contribute to FSFE's ongoing projects.
  • Work on campaigns, public relations and inside our community.
  • Communicate with contacts from the FSFE community, NGO, industry, and public administrations.
  • Coordinate volunteers and FSFE team members during work on various projects.
  • General office tasks.
  • Find your own strengths, and do something you care about.

FSFE is a stimulating environment to work in. There are few organisations where you can learn from so many perspectives in this international and interdisciplinary context. If you read my blog, you can have a good overview of some things I've been working on. Hugo Roy, Intern 2009-2010, Fellowship representative 2011

Basic internship facts:

  • Requirement: You must do the internship either (a) as a compulsory part of your university education, or (b) in direct connection with your studies before you graduate. If you don't meet these requirements, you may be interested in a traineeship instead.
  • Duration: 3 months, full-time, or in case of a mandatory internship as long as the university requires, but not less than three months.
  • Starting date: anytime.
  • Location: Berlin, Germany.
  • Remuneration: EURO 450/month.

Who we're looking for:

FSFE interns are a pretty diverse bunch. If you are interested in working on the frontline of technology policy and activism, then you've come to the right place. You're fired up about a free information society, and you've already done something to tell others why freedom matters? Then this internship is for you. Your academic background and qualifications matter less than your experience, your will to learn, and your ability to get things done. We expect:

  • Solid basic knowledge of, and considerable interest in, Free Software (required)
  • Fluent English (written and spoken) is a requirement; a working knowledge of German and/or other languages is an asset.
  • Basic acquaintance with working on GNU/Linux systems (desirable)
  • Ability to be creative, responsible, and to multitask.
  • Ability to integrate into a young, motivated and professional team
  • No programming skills required. Programming is one of the few things you probably won't be doing during your internship.
  • We want more women to be involved in Free Software. That's why we will give preference to applications from suitably qualified female candidates.

Having no hacking experience but a strong political background, working for the FSFE was an amazing experience for me and the same will be true for everybody interested in software and users freedom. International collaboration, writing policy papers, contact stakeholders and taking care of community activities are just examples of interesting tasks to learn from and that are quite fun in FSFE`s friendly team. Erik Albers, Intern 2012

How to apply:

Interested? Please send us an email with your letter of motivation, a CV and references (in English) to Please do not send any documents in Microsoft Word document format. We won't read them. Best use PDF instead.

Paperwork for non-EU citizens:To begin the internship, you will need a valid visa to enter Germany. You will also need a residence permit and a work permit. Both need to be valid for the full duration of your internship. You will also be responsible for your own health insurance.

We look forward to your application!

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