Fellowship of J. E. Purkyně 2017, Czech Republic

Publish Date: Jul 25, 2017

Deadline: Aug 31, 2017

“Fellowship of J. E. Purkyně” for outstanding promising scientific employees

The “Fellowship of J. E. Purkyně” Programme (hereinafter only “FJEP”) was approved by the Academy Council of the ASCR at its 41st session on 13 January 2004. The aim of the FJEP support is to acquire for the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (hereinafter only “institutes of the ASCR” or “institutes”) outstanding creative scientists from abroad, namely both scientists of Czech origin working abroad in the long term or top foreign scientists, usually younger than age 40, and ensure an adequate financial evaluation for them at the institutes of the ASCR. It is anticipated that these scientists will become leading figures of newly created or already existing creative teams at the institutes of the ASCR.

The FJEP can be granted to a candidate from the Czech Republic, who returns to a institute of the ASCR from a long-term, at least three-year residence at a renowned foreign research institute as well as a foreign candidate, who comes to a institute of the ASCR from such a institute. An FJEP can also be granted to a candidate, fulfilling all of the above-mentioned criteria, which at the time of the submission of the application is already in a working relationship or in a relationship similar in labour law with the institute of the ASCR requesting the granting of the FJEP. The duration of this employment should not typically exceed three months at the time of the submission of the request according to these guidelines. 

Considering the fact that is activity is also addressed to foreign scientists, the English term “fellowship” is used. It is named after J. E. Purkyně to commemorate that this global scientist of Czech origin worked abroad until he was 62, because he was not offered an appropriate research base at home.

The application for the grant of the FJEP for the selected candidate is submitted by the directors of the institutes of the ASCR after discussion in the council of the institute and with their recommendation. The application can be submitted by 31 August of the calendar year and will be evaluated at the latest in the fourth quarter of the calendar year. The applications are sent in writing to the address of the Science Support Division of the Head Office of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní 3, 117 20, Prague 1, Czech Republic and also electronically to the address opv@kav.cas.cz.

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