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International Presentations

Presentation is a way to communicate certain amount of information to the audience. Typically, presentations aim to deliver outlines or highlights of a larger amount of information. “Presentation” is a broad term, which can indicate events of different level: a small formal talk at a corporate gathering or an international research presentation at a high level conference.

Presentations vary in their organizational format depending on their goal and content. Some of them can be held as events, e.g. a research company can organize a meeting to make a field work results presentation and introduce the results of research to a wider academic community. Whereas, participants of a conference or a workshop can make Power Point presentations of their projects or accomplishments.  Scientific presentations will focus on key points of a research, while business start-up presentation will show more, what the business is expected to change, and how it is expected to grow. Presentations are a key component during start-up pitches.

Modern tools used for designing presentations are many and each of them offers unlimited design options and functional techniques. While many of us think about PowerPoint immediately, today it is not the best way to deliver an attractive presentation. While there are several popular alternatives to PowerPoint, such as, for instance, Prezi and PowToon, the number and quality of other programs is growing fast.

Presentations available on ARMACAD

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