Contests for Professionals and Students

Contests vs Competitions

Contest is an event, where entrants compete to win a prize. Contest is an event of a smaller scale compared to a competition, which assumes a more process-oriented activity and does not, usually finish by awarding a prize. Contests are more skill-based, rather than knowledge-based. At contests the participants are challenged to show they are the best in doing a certain thing, e.g. in a photo contest the author of the best photo shot will be the winner, while at a math or physics competition the student, that solved all the problems correctly in a given time, will win.

Contests, despite being different from competitions, have certain features uniting them. Both can have sponsors, both can be rated by judges or a special board and both can be organized at national or international levels. The words “contest” and “competition” are often used interchangeably: this is, basically, to show several persons racing for a victory in a certain area.

Contests can be blind. This usually refers to contests that aim to display photographs or any other art works. At a blind contest the participants are not able to see other’s works and can see only their own posts.

Universities and Departments worldwide very often organize best student contests where the winner is awarded a diploma and a status within particular academic institution.

NGOs and other charities often organize contests as part of their awareness raising campaigns. For example, a campaign to prevent human trafficking can include a contest for production of the best video clip or publication of the best media article. And the winners of the contest will be awarded a prize to demonstrate the high level of professionalism in highlighting the issue.

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