Erasmus+ Key Action 2Capacity Building Higher Education Projects, Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

Publish Date: Aug 24, 2016

Deadline: Feb 10, 2017

Key Action 2

Within higher education dimension of the programme Key Action 2 supports:

  • Capacity Building Higher Education Projects (CBHE),
  • Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships.

Capacity Building Higher Education Projects (ex Tempus Programme)

Capacity Building Higher Education Projects (CBHE) promote cooperation and partnerships that have an impact on the modernisation and internationalisation of higher education institutions and systems in Partner Countries. This action will be open to Neighbouring and Enlargement countries, Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Pacific and Caribbean.

Two categories of projects will be supported:

Joint Projects aim to impact principally and directly the institutions involved in the Partner Countries and will typically focus on 3 different categories of activities, namely curriculum development, modernisation of governance, management and functioning of HEIs and strengthening of relations between HEIs and the wider societal and economic environment.

Structural Projects aim for a systemic impact and promote reforms at national and/or regional level with the support of the authorities in the Partner Countries and will typically focus on 2 different types of activities: modernisation of policies, governance and management of higher education systems and strengthening of relations between higher education systems and the wider societal and economic environment.

In specific cases Joint and Structural Projects may include a Special Mobility Strand for staff and students.

Capacity Building Projects are open to the participation of a wide range of organisations, such as: public or private higher education institutions, national and/or international associations or organisations of higher education institutions, teacher or student organisations, public administrations (i.e. ministries, other national, regional and local administrations), social partners and/or their training organisations, chambers of commerce, labour associations and/or other public or private professional organisations, private and/or public enterprises, research institutions, non-governmental organisations.

Organisations wishing to apply for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education projects are invited to submit applications on-line to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.

Deadline for on-line submission: 10 February 2016 at 12:00 (midday CET)

Before starting your application

1. Read the Guidelines and the call for proposals carefully.
Please note that the core description of your CBHE project will have to be completed in the Annex 1 "Detailed description of the project".

2. Applicants must have an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) account (Find in the "Further official information" below this article). If you already have an ECAS account, you may use this, if not, create an ECAS account. When you have created your ECAS account, return to this page.

You are now ready to start the application process:

1. Each organisation involved in your project must be registered in the Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC) (Find in "Further official information" link below this article). The Participant Identification Code (PIC) will be requested in the application form. To access the Participants' portal, you will need your ECAS username and password.

Given that each applicant organisation should use only one PIC code, please first check with your legal representative's office whether such a PIC number has already been created for your organisation. If this is the case, you may use this PIC code to create your electronic application form. At the application stage, PIC statutes can be either "Validated" Declared" or Sleeping" but in case of double reference for one same organisation, the "Validated " PIC should always be considered.

• List of validated PICs from the organisations participating in the selected CBHE projects in 2015 (to be provided soon)

• Erasmus charter holder's list (mandatory for HEIs from Programme countries participating in CBHE action) - (Find in "Further official information" link below this article).

2. Create your official electronic application form, also called the eForm. Use the official application package and the correct application form for the Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education programme action (please refer to the eForm and Annexes sections).

Information on Capacity Building projects in the field of Higher Education

List of participating organizations and ongoing projects in Capacity Building in Higher Education action of the Erasmus+ programme (Find in "Further official information" link below this article).

Application Procedure

1. Fill in the eForm (Find in "Further official information" link below this article), do not forget also to complete and attach the compulsory annexes to the eForm.

2. Once you have completed the eForm and attached the annexes, validate the eForm. This triggers an automatic check that informs you if your application form is complete. If this is the case, you can submit it online.

3. When you have submitted your application online, you should receive a confirmation email and reference number

For more information click "Further official information" below.

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