Doha Film Institute Grants Programme

Publish Date: Jun 13, 2015

Deadline: Aug 01, 2015

The goals of the Doha Film Institute Grants Programme are to identify new talent, seek out new cinematic voices and discover universally resonant stories.

The Institute’s approach is to champion projects whose thrust is to explore, expand and cultivate authentic storytelling, with a keen interest in propelling forward contemporary work that demonstrates a deep understanding of the specific possibilities of the medium of cinema.

The Programme provides creative and financial assistance for short and feature-length projects, subject to eligibility criteria, by Qatari and international first- and second-time directors, as well as established MENA directors.

Qatari Applicants

The Institute seeks to strengthen and empower Qatari voices in filmmaking that have the potential to make significant contributions to the art of cinema. Its focus on the growth and evolution of Qatar’s film community includes providing creative and logistical support for, and financial contributions to, work by filmmakers from Qatar.

In addition to applying for funding through the grants programme, Qatari filmmakers with short and feature-length projects at any stage of evolution are invited to contact the Institute year-round at to discuss grants, co-financing possibilities, internships with international productions, creative development seminars, mentorship initiatives and exhibition opportunities.

International Applicants
Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Development, production and post-production funding is available for first- and second-time directors from the MENA region for feature-length projects. Short films are eligible for production funding only. Established MENA directors may apply for post-production funding for feature-length projects.


Post-production funding is available for feature-length projects by first- and second-time non-MENA directors.

There are two submission cycles annually. The next cycle opens 18 July, 2015 and closes at midnight (GMT+3) on 1 August, 2015.

Applications not submitted via the website will not be considered.

**If you are unsure which regional criteria apply to your application, please click on the links to country lists below, or contact us at

Click here for the list of MENA countries
Click here for the list of Non-MENA countries

For General Guidelines and Submission Materials for International Applicants please click on this link for PDF download

Grant Agreement
In the event that your original film project is successfully selected to participate in the DFI Grants Programme, you will be required to sign a Grant Agreement that will set out the terms of our relationship. The Grant Agreement will include (where applicable) the contract duration, grant amount, financial requirements, credit requirements and other miscellaneous provisions. By submitting a grant application to the Doha Film Institute, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms of submission and release, and in particular that:

1. You have read, understood and have complied with all documentation relating to the Grants Programme.

2. You understand that the Institute is not obligated to either examine or use your application material or to
invite you to participate in the Grants Programme, nor to provide you with any reason for its decisions.

3. You understand that the application material you submit will be kept confidential by the Institute. You also understand that the Institute and persons and entities affiliated with, related to, or connected with the Institute and/or the Grants Programme operate other programmes and events and may be developing material that may be similar to your application in theme, idea, plot, format or in other material respects.

4. You are the sole author and owner of all application material and have the full right and authority to submit the application material to the Institute for inclusion in the Grants Programme.

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