Ukrainian Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Thousands of study and academic opportunities in Ukrainian Studies are available internationally. Conferences and summer schools in Ukrainian Studies are organized regularly in the best academic centers of the world. The majority of universities and many foundations also offer BA, MA, and Ph.D. programs in Ukrainian Studies as wells as postdoctoral research grants, awards, and fellowships. Below you will find the updated list of international opportunities available in Ukrainian Studies.

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Ukrainian Studies as an academic discipline

Ukraine is a post-Soviet Union country, which has undergone many events after gaining independence in 1991 and starting its own route to development. If you choose to master Ukrainian studies, you will learn the Ukrainian language in a broad scope. This means you will study the country's language in close relations with Ukrainian culture, history, religion, etc. Ukraine is rich in history. In the Middle Ages, Kievan Rus’ was the core part of the East Slavic Culture. The country carries the long-time established culture and life traditions up to current, the whole variety of which you can explore in Ukrainian Studies academic programs.

In other words, Ukrainian Studies is a thorough approach to gaining knowledge about the country and acquiring a near-native understanding of Ukraine. Upon completing your studies, you will have the necessary skills to adapt to Ukrainian native communities and cooperate with locals in business and other sectors. 

The discipline might appear to provide ambiguous career perspectives, yet the scope of career applications is very broad for Ukrainian Studies graduates. Particularly, they can work in any sphere requiring communication with Ukraine, Ukrainians, or the Ukrainian language. Specialists have a high demand in international companies, translation positions, departments of communications and business negotiations, etc. 

Also, graduating from Ukrainian Studies grants students cultural understanding, an essential skill of high value in the current job market. 

Ukrainian Studies Majors

Ukrainian Studies Majors navigate students through all the main aspects of Ukraine. The Bachelor's degrees have mainly an introductory curriculum and include courses such as Introduction to Ukraine, Ukrainian Film Classics, History, Politics, Culture, Law, etc. 

Further, studies deepen in the broader Ukraine-related topics, including courses such as:

  • The effects of the Ukrainian crises in Ukraine and the region
  • Geopolitical struggles in Eastern Europe
  • Religions in the Soviet Union in the 20th Century
  • Stalin era culture, intellectual histories, and the concept of Stalinism

There are many providers of Ukrainian Studies degrees worldwide. You can both study the subject in Ukraine and other countries' universities. Either way, it should be of your best benefit to spend at least a part of your studies in Ukraine, as the local community is the best teacher for the country's explorers. 

If you do not aim to study in Ukraine and want to choose the top studying destinations like the US or UK, you can still find your way to studying in the local environment. The majority of the programs will offer you student mobility programs or international placements in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Studies Research Opportunities

Ukrainian Studies as a discipline and as a research direction are popular around the world. As the best proof of the mentioned is that you can find Ukrainian Studies faculties in the leading global universities such as Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Alberta, Munich University, etc. 

All those universities also have research centers dedicated to research topics of Ukrainian studies. As broad as its academic topics, research institutions focus on different aspects of Ukraine, starting from linguistics and vocabulary to historical events and contemporary culture. 

If you aim to conduct research in Ukrainian Studies, save the below links of the major global research institutions focusing on the field. 

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute works to bring knowledge about Ukraine closer to the US communities. The center was formed by two professors of Ukrainian Studies, specialized in History, Language and Literature. Therefore, the center mainly focuses on the mentioned directions. You can join the research activities of the institution by applying to any of its fellowships.

A good option to research Ukrainian Studies in Europe is applying to research projects at the University of Cambridge. The main directions you can conduct your research include the Power of the Lyric in Ukrainian Culture, Multilingualism in Ukraine, Media Studies, Problems of Cultural Memory, etc. The research center's official website will give you a better understanding of the opportunities you have. 

Ukrainian Studies is a narrower topic in the scope of a larger discipline: Slavic Studies. If you want to explore Ukraine but do not want to limit yourself with the studies of the country, you can check ARMACAD's opportunities for Slavic studies research and study opportunities