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Thousands of study and academic opportunities in Artificial Intelligence are available internationally. Conferences and summer schools in Artificial Intelligence are organized regularly in the best academic centers of the world. The majority of universities and many foundations also offer BA, MA, and Ph.D. programs in Artificial Intelligence as wells as postdoctoral research grants, awards, and fellowships. Below you will find the updated list of international opportunities available in Artificial Intelligence. 

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Remember the times everyone talked about Artificial Intelligence as something mystical that would come to our life one day? Currently, AI is the reality and even the necessary component of business & life that is impossible to survive without. 

Humans were creating technological prototypes of themselves for many years. Firstly, machines started doing basic operations instead of humans. Gradually, more and more of our activities were outsourced to robots. They became enriched with more features and replaced people in more spheres than we could initially imagine. 

With the development of AI, people did a large step ahead. They transferred to robots one of the most valuable assets: human intelligence. Unless machines are taught to feel the way we experience emotions, AI is the most revolutionary technological advancement in our life. 

AI is the topic of big controversies. Many view it as a threatening tendency that will ruin the majority or all of the life spheres. Others try to catch the wave and adapt to the new AI reality, focusing on the benefits it gives. 

As long as we can't predict the future and see where humans will eventually reach with all those advancements they develop, this article stays neutral in assessing Artificial Intelligence. All the definitions you will read below are taken from the educational institutions' approaches that offer AI studying programs. 

Read further to see how you can study Artificial Intelligence as a discipline and what career opportunities it can grant you. 

Artificial Intelligence as a discipline

Artificial Intelligence is used to describe any activity which imports human cognitive abilities into machines. AI is a branch of computer science and aims to help machines mimic human intelligence. Humans collect and store their experience in a type of data, which artificial machines can further use. Those machines then use human thinking to make decisions, perform specific tasks and invent solutions to different problems. 

Generally, everything in your surroundings which does human-like activities is AI-based technology. To understand it better, the examples of AI include Siri on iPhone, conversational bots, spam filters on email, song recommendations on Spotify, etc. 

Artificial Intelligence studies are a widely available academic program in many universities. The main entry requirements for AI courses include a basic understanding of programming and statistical and quantitative & qualitative analysis. 

Also, often the AI programs are tailored to other subjects such as robotics or engineering. The knowledge of both spheres is essential for students wishing to pursue AI studies. 

The main study areas you will explore during Artificial Intelligence academic programs include:

  • Principles of programming and computation
  • Systems and architecture
  • Algorithm design
  • Software engineering
  • Fundamentals of artificial intelligence
  • Mathematical techniques for artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Robotics

AI is a relatively new discipline, and the countries that have the wealthiest real-life experience of AI applications also offer the best academic programs. If you have a chance, choose to study AI programs in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, or France, use it. Those countries are considered the most popular AI studies destination currently. 

What can Artificial Intelligence graduates do after studies?

Artificial Intelligence gives students the most advanced and up-to-date skills for the employment market. First of all, AI studies are a great source to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the IT-sphere and programming languages. Also, AI technologies train the student's mind to a unique level of critical thinking

The scarcity of quality AI specialists is the major competitive advantage for those who succeed in their studies. Though the technology is widely used everywhere, students ready to enter the AI employment market are of scarcity. 

The main two reasons for that are the increasing demand for AI specialists and the sphere's difficulty. AI is difficult, as you might guess from the description above. Or, better said, at the current level of its development, AI is accessible for the limited number of specialists who have the highest brain flexibility levels. Therefore, if you complete the AI studies with truly high-quality knowledge, be sure that you will be in very high demand in the job market. 

Also, even if many try to master the discipline, the workers' demand rises quicker. AI is a constant transformation. Lacking technologically advanced business and consumer service solutions is considered very bad nowadays, and the majority of businesses rush to update their operations with AI methods. So, for now, and probably for many years ahead, AI specialists will not face the unemployment issues, even if there are more and more people in the academic courses. 

Finally, read below the list of the main AI career applications, which include:

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist
  • AI Data Analyst
  • AI Engineer
  • Robotics Scientist, etc. 

AI and Machine learning are an inseparable part of our reality, and their speed of integration into our life is constantly increasing. For example, we can hardly imagine our life without Netflix/YouTube Recommendation systems, Google Photo, Google Translate, etc. Others are in their turn to become the everyday life component, such as Tesla Self Driving cars. AI and Machine learning are created to perform tasks out of the limit of natural human skills, such as exploring a few billion DNA chains to find the origin and treatment for inherited diseases. So, we hope this section of ARMACAD will help you construct a career in this yet unrevealed but fascinating world of new opportunities.