Department of Public Health Student Internships, USA

Publish Date: Jan 22, 2016

Deadline: Mar 01, 2016

Department of Public Health Student Internships

DPH provides opportunities for students to learn about public health and public health careers, and to expose students and new graduates to public health practice.

Students may be provided with opportunities to:

  • Shadow a public health professional for a limited time to learn about everyday duties and the work of public health professionals.
  • Carry out an independent project demonstrating the application of knowledge and skills to current public health practice.
  • Apply classroom learning and gain hands-on experience inside a public health work environment.
  • Develop contacts within the field of public health and access future employment opportunities.
  • Develop goals for personal and professional growth with the understanding that professional development is a continuous process.
  • Work with a preceptor who can serve as a role model and mentor.

All internships/job shadowing opportunities are nonpaid unless otherwise noted.


Job shadowing or internships may be available to undergraduates, graduate, and post-graduate students at colleges and universities, with first consideration given to those in programs in public health, allied health, medicine, and related fields in Connecticut schools. Internships are based on availability and therefore DPH cannot guarantee placements.

Placements and Academic Requirements:

DPH will place students prior to the standard academic semesters. Specifically, students will begin placement in September, January, and June of each academic year, although immediate opportunities may become available that do not align with the beginning of semesters (see below).

Since the academic requirements of participating institutions of higher education may vary, each student should consult with his or her college advisor or Internship Director, and arrange for specific academic requirements and credits to be awarded for participation in the program.

If selected, students should work out specific hours directly with the DPH preceptor. Opportunities may exist to work onsite, offsite or a combination of both depending upon the nature of the internship.

General Application/Deadline:

Those interested in applying may submit a Student Internship Application and resume via email to  

Students are encouraged to review DPH’s webpage (About, Topics A-Z) for information on DPH programs and services and to help identify public health areas of interest to identify on their application.

Unless otherwise noted below, the deadline for applying is:

  • Fall Semester Internship (September Placement): July 1st
  • Spring Semester Internship (January Placement): November 1st
  • Summer Semester Internship (June Placement):  March 1st

Acknowledgement of each application will be provided upon submission. Preceptors will contact you directly if your qualifications and interests match a project.

Please direct questions to Please note that all applications are held in an internal database available for all department staff to view.


Immediate Opportunities

Periodically, DPH may seek student applications on a more immediate schedule than listed above, based upon availability of projects and preceptors. These opportunities will be posted below with a specific application deadline.  DPH will acknowledge receipt of applications upon submission and notification of acceptance will be provided prior to placement.  To submit an application for one of these opportunities click on the link: Student Internship Application (Please save the application to your files before submitting)


 Student Interest


  Education Level
  DPH Opportunity

Application Deadline

Health Equity




December 2015

    Suicide   Prevention
November 2015
Asthma Surveillance
January 2016
Coordination of Asthma Information
January 2016
   Oral Health/ Obesity Education
January 2016
Epidemiology & Health Education
January 2016
HIV Prevention Program, Statewide Billing Implementation
January 1, 2016

Selection and Placement:

All student applications will be reviewed by interested DPH programs and potential preceptors. Applicants may be contacted prior to the start of each semester by interested preceptors.  Appointments will be made in accordance to the academic term being considered.

A workable and mutually beneficial relationship between the students, their institutions, and the preceptor is a major goal.  Every effort will be made to affect a match that is satisfactory to both parties. 

Student Intern Responsibilities

1.    Review DPH Administrative Requirements and Policies. Ask your preceptor to explain any policy that remains unclear. Adhere to DPH policies throughout the entirety of the internship.

2.    Complete and return the Emergency Contact Form, Parking Application, and Data Confidentiality form to your DPH Preceptor.

3.    If receiving academic credit, verify with your preceptor that you have received approval for the project from your Advisor.

4.    Please note parking and building entry responsibilities. ID badges are not available for student interns and you will need to sign in with security each time you enter the building. Interns will park in the Woodbine Lot at 25 Sigourney Street, Hartford, CT. A shuttle is provided on a time-schedule, interns should leave time to accommodate extra travel with shuttle. Access cards are made available but movement through the department must be specified by preceptors.

5.    Exhibit exemplary behavior with regard to attendance, punctuality, attire, preparedness, receptiveness, enthusiasm, and discretion. Notify the preceptor by phone regarding tardiness, absence, or change of schedule. Complete assignments and project as directed by the preceptor. Address any conflicts, problems, or questions with the preceptor in a respectable and timely manner.

6.    Upon completion of your internship, access the DPH Intranet and complete the student intern evaluation/survey. This is mandatory and is in addition to the evaluation you may complete for your academic program.

7.    You may be contacted to present your project at a Student Intern Presentations event at the end of the semester and internship. Students will be notified of specific dates and times. Generally the event is held in the afternoon at DPH in early December for the fall semester and early May of the spring semester.

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