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Delft University of Technology Online Course - Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources

Publish Date: May 03, 2017

Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources

Your introduction to modern Earth Sciences with application to the Geology of hydrocarbon and water.

About this course

Are you fascinated by Geosciences and willing to take the challenge of predicting the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface? This is your course!

In a voyage through the Earth, Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources will explore the Earth interior and the processes forming mountains and sedimentary basins. You will understand how the sediments are formed, transported, deposited and deformed.

You will develop knowledge on the behavior of petroleum and water resources.

The course has an innovative approach focusing on key fundamental processes, exploring their nature and quantitative interactions. It will be shown how this acquired knowledge is used to predict the nature and behavior of the Earth subsurface.

This is your ideal first step as a future Geoscientists or professional to upgrade your knowledge in the domain of Earth Sciences.

What you'll learn

  • The basics of plate tectonics
  • Processes that control the formation of mountains and sedimentary basins
  • How sediments are formed, transported and deposited
  • How rocks are deformed and how knowledge of deformation increases the reliability of subsurface predictions
  • Petroleum geology
  • Water geology

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