Conf/CfP - Environmental History of Russia: The Local Measurements and Perspectives of Integral Studies, 5-7 October 2017, Cherepovets State University, Russia

Publish Date: Apr 28, 2017

Deadline: Jun 01, 2017

Environmental History of Russia: the local measurements and perspectives of integral studies

Cherepovets State University, Russia

October 5–7, 2017

The Conference "Environmental History of Russia: the local measurements and perspectives of integral studies" is aimed at summarizing the results of regional studies and developing new research directions that allow us to comprehensively represent the historical experience of nature management and solving environmental problems in Russia.

Russian environmental history is represented by a several regional schools and individual researchers as in Russia and the beyond. Usually, they work in narrow subject areas. However, over the past few decades, environmental historians had examined the basic problems of interaction between nature and society in some regions of the Russian Empire and the USSR and formed the methodological base of these studies. At the same time, the Russian environmental history has a lot of lacunas and "blank spots" due to the localization of Russian scientific schools in the North-West of Russia, Urals, in the Volga Region and Siberia. Moreover, Russia as a subject for environmental history studies interests European and American researchers. These conditions actualize the topic of the Conference. During the Conference, environmental historians are going to discuss and summarize the specifics of regional studies, and to outline the development of Russian environmental history. This Conference is an invitation to historians, sociologists, geographers, environmental and natural scientists, and all other researchers, showing an interest in an environmental history of Russia and the beyond.

The work of the Conference is planned in the following directions:

  • environmental history of Russian regions,
  • natural resources in the history of Russia,
  • environmental problems of industrial development in Russia in the 18th
  • early of the 21st centuries,
  • the history of environmental protection in Russia and beyond, 
  • urban environmental history,
  • transfer of scientific knowledge and technologies in the history of Russia and neighboring countries,
  • the role of social institutions and public associations in solving environmental problems of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

Organization and Venue

The Conference “Environmental History of Russia: the local measurements and perspectives of integral studies” is organized by Cherepovets State University, Kazan Federal University, Surgut State Pedagogical University, and Russian Society for Intellectual History (Cherepovets Local Department). The Conference will take place at Cherepovets State University on October 5-7, 2017.

Cherepovets State University is the leading research, educational and cultural center of the Vologda Region. Today, more than 6,000 students and post-graduate students are educated at the University.

Cherepovets is a dynamically developing city that is among historical cities of Russia. For the last 240 years, the city has transformed from a county town and «Northern Athens» to the industrial center of Vologda region. Cherepovets is known as the birthplace of the famous Russian painter V.V. Vereshchagin and the poet A. Bashlachev.

Paper Proposals: please submit short paper proposal of no more than 300 words together with personal information of presenter(s) including full name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact information to Anna Agafonova or until June 1, 2017. The message of inclusion of proposal in the Conference program will be sent to the authors until July 1, 2017.

Conference fee: participation in the Conference is free of charge.

Language of the Conference: official languages of the Conference are English and Russian.

Conference proceedings: we plan to publish articles (no more than 5000 words) in an edited volume in 2017. Submission deadline will be 5 September 2017.

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