Conf/CfP - Advancing Justice for Women and Girls of Color Conference, 20 April 2016, US

Publish Date: Feb 17, 2016

Deadline: Mar 01, 2016

Event Dates: from Apr 29, 2016 12:00 to Apr 29, 2016 12:00

The Anna Julia Cooper Center at Wake Forest University invites proposals for a national conference focused on the lives of women and girls of color. The conference seeks scholars, students, community organizations, researchers, policy makers, foundations, and activists for an intensive series of discussions about the circumstances, challenges, and opportunities facing women and girls of color.

We invite proposals of 500-1000 words for facilitated conversations or interactive sessions. These proposals may identify an important conversation you propose to facilitate and the unique methods or tools you would use to lead that dialogue. Proposals may come from individuals or groups.

Proposals should reflect the interactive, working nature of the event focused on advancing equity for women and girls of color. As a working conference, it will be an event where attendees have active roles, where conference sessions include facilitated conversations and interactive sessions, and where attendees work to build partnerships and develop collaborative strategies.

This conference is part of an initiative to develop a meaningful research agenda on women and girls of color. Conversations will address what we know about the lives of women and girls of color, the deficits in our knowledge, and the meaningful ways in which increased knowledge about the lives of women and girls of color can influence our policy and political landscape. What should a national research agenda for women and girls of color include? How do we include multi-sector partners? How do we establish models of accountable, community-based research? How do communities, policy makers, foundations, and other representatives access research to affect change?

We define women and girls of color broadly and invite proposals that reflect meaningful diversity with attention to race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, region, class, and other salient identity points.

Our call is open to many subjects and issue areas. Possible themes include:

  • Economic equity, justice, and security, including defining security and prosperity for women and girls of color and understanding unique systems of employment, wealth, and caregiving
  • Vulnerability to institutional and interpersonal violence, including connections to criminal justice systems, policing practices, schools, housing, workplaces, transportations, and other structures
  • Health equity, access, and justice, including health disparities, effects of public policy choices, and connections between mental, emotional, physiological, and reproductive health
  • Educational achievement and advancement, including education disparities, experiences in schools, and the impact of education
  • Leadership and identity, including representation in elected political leadership, organizing, activism, business, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Voices and images in popular culture in media, including connections between mass media consumption and life outcomes, how women and girls of color produce media and culture, and critical media literacy
  • Research practices, particularly promising practices in community-based research
  • Translation of research into public spaces, including to policy makers, community organizations, or foundations

All submissions must include the submitter(s) name; title of proposed session or conversation; 500-1000 word description of the session or conversation; university or organization affiliation; and contact information.

Proposals should be sent via email to All proposals must be received by 5:00 pm CST on Tuesday, March 1. If accepted to participate, individuals must provide their own travel and lodging.

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